Vena Solutions Employees Launch Network for Women to Advance Gender Equity in Toronto Tech Community

N4W addresses the challenges and hurdles women+ experience in the workplace by providing opportunities and support for women in tech to achieve success on their own terms

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, Jan. 31, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vena Solutions, the fastest growing provider of cloud-based financial planning and analysis (FP&A) software, is proud to announce the launch of Network for Women (N4W). N4W is a grassroots initiative founded by Vena employees that provides access and opportunities for those who identify as women to network, foster leadership skills and connect with mentors across Toronto’s growing technology community.

The official N4W launch took place at Vena’s Toronto headquarters last week and featured a panel discussion titled Challenge & Change: Navigating the Tech Space. The conversation drew on first-hand experiences, positive and negative, unpacking a range of issues including:

  • Tackling and navigating workplace discrimination.
  • Recognizing and rooting out unconscious biases in hiring and management practices. 
  • The important role advocates of all genders play in shaping equality in the tech industry.

The organization focuses on supporting and enhancing women’s professional development. Future events will include workshops, employee mentorship programs, community outreach initiatives and partnerships with other women’s networks locally.

N4W will also collect and benchmark company and industry statistics on gender equity, bias, and diversity in the workplace to recognize accomplishments and identify areas that warrant further improvement.

“Carrie Tanguay and I co-founded the Network for Women due to the challenges we have personally faced, and witnessed other women face, within the industry,” said Shayenda Suyeshkumar, Co-Chair of the Network for Women. “Studies show that women are leaving technology companies at a higher rate than men, and that there is less representation of women in leadership positions. We are creating a space for women+ to come together to share both their setbacks and successes, provide each other with guidance and mentorship, and ultimately create a real sense of community and solidarity.”  

“Vena is committed to creating an environment where gender equity is simply a given,” said Don Mal, CEO at Vena Solutions. “As a company, we’ve made great strides in terms of inclusivity and diversity, but we continue to strive to set the bar for the industry.  We are confident that N4W will help guide Vena in the right direction.  I am personally very proud of the founders of N4W and continue to encourage employee-led initiatives within the organization.”

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