Mind the Value helps firms achieve digital transformation

LONDON, Feb. 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digital transformation has risen as the most game-changing element within the business environment in recent years. As such, embracing change has quickly become vital for enterprises operating across all sectors, both private and public.

Mind the Value is a Milan-headquartered consulting firm with offices in Italy, Australia, Moldova and the US, which helps clients choose the very best options when it comes to their own digital transformation. Writing exclusively for the latest issue of World Finance magazine, Mind the Value explains how the company’s tailored solutions and in-house methodology can help clients. From identifying their business challenges and tackling them by integrating different technologies, to evaluating their existing processes in order to make them more functional and efficient, Mind the Value offers support through every step.

Indeed, its comprehensive process leverages innovation as a competitive advantage, thereby combining technical skills and functional expertise in a way that enables firms to benefit from both a top-down and a bottom-up approach. Mind the Value is committed to finding revolutionary ways to transform the business sector, such as implementing RFID, drones in production processes, or virtual reality glasses in distribution.

As an example of its high-tech innovation, Mind the Value has been working alongside its clients to build state-of-the-art SAP solutions, such as mobile apps for cable companies to support them in sales and installation operations. Moreover, the firm has recently become a SAP Partner, an exclusive achievement attained only by those that have demonstrated extensive competency in helping clients to identify, migrate, implement and manage SAP applications to improve their business performance. 

The firm has also partnered up with Magento software, and so can now help its clients to implement last generation e-commerce solutions to fit their sales and distribution contemporary needs with an intuitive, ready-to-market solution.

To find out more about Mind the Value’s approach to digital transformation, check out an exclusive article in the latest issue of World Finance magazine, out now.


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