A Giant Leap in Emotional Intelligence: the +|- Code

BASEL, Switzerland, Feb. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A team of Professors, Psychologists, Doctors and Therapists from many countries have launched The Plus Minus Code Program, an advanced online platform for children, teenagers and university students who seek to develop their Emotional Intelligence (EQ). This game-based online program has been designed to help develop discernment, perceive beyond the façade, and foster people’s ability to decode fake news, facial micro-expressions, attitudes and emotions. Professor Francis Lavergne explains: “Our brain is like a computer and records information like the binary code of a computer system, excepts the brain has amazing quantum abilities through emotions. Emotions can distort our vision and understanding if they are not processed and understood well in our brain. We encounter so many problems in our society with the Internet, where new generations can be easily manipulated by all kinds of information. Humanity, and especially the youth, need to learn how to apply deeper discernment in life. Our team has been working for many years to create this unique program that explains through the evaluation of images the pluses, minuses and tendencies (meaning a mixture of both) in our daily life.”

Emotional intelligence (EQ) has become an important field of education because it provides a multidimensional approach to better understanding one’s environment. The Plus Minus Code program is unique in that it reveals the positive and the negative aspects of life in general. Therefore, using the code increases our awareness of the subtleties of relationships and situations, while developing global vision. Having global vision is the key to positive leadership and decision making it allows us to build a successful life with consciousness.      

Developed by the non-profit Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation, The Plus Minus Code was first presented in multiple schools and countries, and is now available online internationally on home computers, smartphones, or tablets. EQ tests are available as part of The +|- Code Program for individuals and families to start discovering more about emotional intelligence.

More info: www.plusminuscode.com

Media page link: www.plusminuscode.com/en/media

Contact: Alexis Mercier
Email: media@plusminuscode.com