Medovex Corporation Announces Name Change and Full Rebranding to Blue Zone Health

New Company Identity Expands Focus to Deliver Innovative Health Care Solutions Around the World

ALPHARETTA, Ga., Feb. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Medovex Corporation (OTCQB: MDVX) (“Medovex” or the “Company”) today announced it is now Blue Zone Health. The announcement signals the company's broader commitment to bringing new health care solutions to patients domestically and internationally with a focus on improving quality of life, especially for those with chronic diseases.

Blue Zone Health adopts its name from the “Blue Zones,” research spearheaded by Dan Buettner, showing the key to longevity lies in a holistic, daily approach to wellness. It identified five hotspots around the world where people on average are the healthiest and are living the longest, attributed to a diet of fresh foods, an active lifestyle, and a strong sense of community. Following this model, Blue Zone Health will operate at the intersection of science and wellness, bringing the latest medical solutions to people who want a better quality of life.

Blue Zone Health CEO William “Bill” Horne stated, “2019 has already been a critical year for our organization. Over the last couple of months, we have announced the successful asset purchase of Regenerative Medicine Solutions, LLC, appointed trusted industry veterans to our board of directors, and secured the financing to continue to execute our business plan moving forward. Today’s announcement of the strategic rebranding to Blue Zone Health is another important step as our organization continues to evolve and represents a significant broadening of our focus while holding true to the original vision.”

Horne continued, “Together, the Blue Zone Health team intends to forge a unique combination of medical innovation and wellness expertise that is the future of health care. As traditional health care limitations are continually overcome with medical breakthroughs, Blue Zone Health aims to make those solutions accessible to all patients, especially those who seek the latest in available treatments for chronic conditions that hinder their quality of life.”

Current Blue Zone Health brands include the Lung Health Institute and DenerveX® System, and the company intends to continue to expand its portfolio in the near future to include more options for patients seeking the most innovative procedures and highest quality of medical care.

The Lung Health Institute is a leader in regenerative medicine, specializing in cellular therapy and complementary wellness programs that can help chronic lung disease patients improve their quality of life and lung function.

The DenerveX System is designed as a non-drug alternative to help people with facet joint syndrome get back to an active lifestyle.  During a minimally invasive procedure, the device is used to target and disrupt pain signals and receptors. Before this option, patients with facet joint disease often went through lengthy, expensive, and often ineffective conservative care options. The DenerveX Device is CE marked, but not currently FDA cleared. 

In addition to the name and anticipated symbol change, the Company will launch a new corporate website and social channels to provide educational resources for patients. The name change and an accompanying ticker symbol remain subject to the approval of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

About Blue Zone Health

Blue Zone Health is focused on delivering innovative technology and medical solutions that improve quality of life, especially for those with chronic disease. The company currently owns and manages the Lung Health Institute and DenerveX® System, and its board of directors continually seeks to bring new health care solutions to market domestically and internationally.  Inspired by the "Blue Zones" — five hotspots around the world where people on average are the healthiest and living the longest due to healthy diet, regular physical activity and strong sense of community – Blue Zone Health’s mission is to help people take a integrative approach to health and wellness. Its health solutions aim to help people prevent and decrease the effects of inflammation, often connected to chronic health conditions. For more information about Blue Zone Health, please visit

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