Take-Anywhere, Do-Anytime Fitness Program Gets You Fit in Just 20 Minutes a Day


San Diego, California, UNITED STATES

ENCINITAS, CA, Feb. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BURNBEYOND’s new Mission 6 Total Body Workout combines science and portability to deliver a take-anywhere, do-anytime fitness program specifically designed for busy people who don’t have the luxury of spending countless hours at the gym or investing in expensive exercise equipment to achieve their desired fitness levels.

Mission 6’s workouts ramp up activity in three sequential phases over a six-week period, with each phase increasing the intensity of strategically paired exercises and work intervals in routines that build from 12, to 15, to 18 minutes. Instruction is delivered by video that can be streamed to a computer, phone, or tablet, and/or via an accompanying eBook that demonstrates each easy-to-learn exercise in detail.

“When it comes to fitness, results matter,” explains Jonathan Noon, BURNBEYOND’s fitness expert and coach, who is also an elite age group triathlete (who has twice qualified and competed in the Ironman World Championship) and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. “That’s where the science behind Mission 6 comes in. Does it work? Do people get fit? The answer is, of course, ‘yes!’ But working out also needs to be convenient and fun, because if it’s too much of a grind, people simply won’t stick to it. With Mission 6, we’re able to keep people engaged so they can achieve measurable and sustainable results by working out just 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week . . . and they’re having fun doing it! So there’s really no excuse anymore NOT to get fit and stay that way.”

The Mission 6 Total Body Workout emphasizes bodyweight exercises, which utilize the body and gravity rather than expensive equipment. The program also emphasizes specific work-to-rest ratios during the routines as well as between workouts, maximizing the body’s heightened metabolic state after exercise to burn elevated amounts of calories as it tries to return to resting levels, a phenomenon BURNBEYOND calls the Afterburn Effect™—where you’re essentially burning fat by doing nothing.

The idea for Mission 6 first arose when Noon’s BURNBEYOND co-founder Cameron Flechsenhaar’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Noon and Flechsenhaar, who is BURNBEYOND’s business and program development expert, began to brainstorm how they could help busy people balance career, family, and social responsibilities with staying healthy and fit.

“Exercise can change lives,” says Flechsenhaar. “I saw firsthand with my Mom how a good fitness and health regimen can help you gain clarity, make better life choices, and begin to thrive both physically and mentally. To that end, all BURNBEYOND programs, including the new Mission 6 Total Body Workout, focus on helping participants achieve true health, true wellness, and all-around better lives.”

People can sign up now for the Mission 6 Total Body Workout on a monthly basis (which also includes access to a private users group), as a one-time purchase, or for a 14-day free trial.

ABOUT BURNBEYOND: Founded in 2014 by Jonathan Noon and Cameron Flechsenhaar, BURNBEYOND is a virtual fitness community that focuses on total body health, fitness, and wellness through the delivery of online workout programs, videos, fitness coaching, and other resources to its members, including the Mission 6 Total Body Workout Program. At the core of BURNBEYOND’s mission is the belief that people who are in better physical shape experience higher self-esteem, greater confidence, and are emotionally healthier.



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