BAC Credomatic awarded four times by World Finance for leading digital finance innovation in Central America

LONDON, Feb. 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BAC Credomatic has won four categories in the World Finance Digital Banking Awards 2018, thanks to its leading role in digitalisation throughout Central America.

For the second year in a row, BAC Credomatic has been named the Best Digital Bank in both Costa Rica and Panama. The firm also took the prize for the Best Mobile Banking App, 2018 for both countries.

BAC Credomatic has been at the forefront of Central America’s digital banking sector ever since it became the first bank in the region to introduce credit cards and a native mobile banking app. This timing has been key, with the region becoming increasingly digitalised in recent years. Internet penetration rates, for example, have almost doubled since 2010, while e-commerce has grown exponentially over the past decade.

Speaking exclusively to World Finance, Juan Carlos Páez, COO of BAC Credomatic, said this environment is creating some exciting opportunities for innovative mobile payment solutions.

With e-commerce promising multifaceted benefits for the people of Central America, BAC Credomatic has worked to make card transactions more convenient and secure with new products such as MiPOS, a Bluetooth-enabled device that turns any smartphone into a card-processing device.

The bank is also set to launch a newly redesigned app that will include a digital wallet feature, thereby allowing customers to make e-payments and complete in-store transactions using their smartphone alone.

For more about BAC Credomatic, check out an exclusive interview with COO Juan Carlos Páez in the latest edition of World Finance, available in print, on mobile and online now.

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