ThoughtWire Enhances Operations Performance Management in Smart Hospitals with Microsoft Azure

ThoughtWire chooses Microsoft as preferred technology partner to power Smart Hospital applications

TORONTO, Feb. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ThoughtWire, a leader in Operations Performance Management (OPM) for built environments, today announced the use of Microsoft Azure for its Smart Hospital Application Suite, including its EarlyWarning application. The move means ThoughtWire will be able to deliver its solution to smart hospitals on a broader scale.

ThoughtWire is working with Microsoft to address some of the biggest challenges for health systems include the rising cost of healthcare, clinician burnout, the inability to operationalize data quickly, disconnected data silos and more.

An early adopter of ThoughtWire’s EarlyWarning application, Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS), a health system with seven unique hospital and a cancer center, has realized a 61 percent reduction in code blues (calls signaling the risk of a cardiac arrest). HHS hospital staff’s ability to provide real-time responsiveness with help from ThoughtWire’s EarlyWarning app is ultimately saving lives.

“ThoughtWire chose Microsoft Azure as its cloud platform provider to power our healthcare operations performance management solutions because their proven, intuitive platform enables our OPM solutions to seamlessly orchestrate IT, OT, and IoT systems for actionable, and even life-saving, results,” said Stephen Owens, CTO, ThoughtWire. “We look forward to the continued success in healthcare IoT orchestration with smart hospitals, with Microsoft Azure as our end-to-end cloud solution of choice.”

Microsoft was chosen as ThoughtWire’s cloud partner due to the company’s continued commitment and investment in cloud services. Additionally, Azure’s available security features, strong partner ecosystem and understanding of the enterprise computing landscape required for ThoughtWire’s applications made it an ideal partner for ThoughtWire.

“We’re proud to work with companies like ThoughtWire as they strive to improve patient experiences across North America,” said Peter Lee, corporate vice president, Microsoft Healthcare at Microsoft Corp. “By tapping into Microsoft Azure’s cloud services ThoughtWire is empowered to harness machine learning for life-saving insights and scale their solution to provide more impactful care to their patients.”

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