Startup Company Infinnium Is Redefining How Organizations Use Data to Gain Intelligence for Improved Decision-Making

Corporations, law firms and others will advance information governance, regulatory and privacy compliance including GDPR and HIPAA and electronic discovery with Infinnium solutions

CHANTILLY, Va., Feb. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Infinnium LLC, a software company that develops solutions to improve information management and business decision-making through effective use of the latest artificial intelligence technology, announces its official launch today. Infinnium aims to redefine the way organizations interact with data to generate actionable intelligence, improving information management, information governance and regulatory and privacy compliance.

Infinnium brings together a team of experienced business professionals, data scientists and technologists with a passion for problem-solving and developing intelligent, yet simplified solutions using deep learning and AI to improve decision-making and information management. The team collectively possesses more than 100 years of experience in legal technology and developing sophisticated information management, data mining and machine learning software solutions for users globally. The company’s extensive business and legal industry expertise allows the team to identify and understand the complex challenges being faced and to develop practical solutions to them.

Infinnium was founded and is led by several highly experienced professionals including Harsh Sutaria, chief success officer; Nirav Avaiya, chief innovation officer; and Hari J. Pandya, chief financial officer. Each is a respected expert in the field, bringing a wealth of knowledge and insight to the product development team and Infinnium clients.

In addition to creating software solutions, Infinnium offers select services to clients including business and legal operations consulting, legal project management and custom solution development. Infinnium takes a tailored approach to solving every challenge, which may include custom software development or collaborating with partners to implement the best solution. The company’s team of experts is driven to be the best and empowered to find the optimal solution for every unique situation, priding itself on exceptional client service.

“Organizations are under tremendous competitive and regulatory pressures today. Infinnium alleviates some of that pressure by providing modern solutions that promote smarter decision-making and simplify information management,” says Sutaria.

“We create tools that empower users to harness their data to gain intelligence from it, streamlining discovery and improving IG, as well as HIPAA, GDPR and other regulatory compliance,” says Avaiya.

“Infinnium exists to help organizations minimize reactive costs for authority-mandated compliance by using our value-engineered solutions through on-cloud, SaaS and on-premises channels,” adds Pandya.

Infinnium coexists and works closely with other leading technology providers to offer a collaborative approach to the design and implementation of modern business solutions. Recognizing that its own technology is just one important piece of a typically complex puzzle, the company works with channel partners to collectively provide the comprehensive solutions required by clients for optimum information management. By collaborating with other providers, Infinnium, those partners and shared clients all thrive together while simultaneously achieving individual business success.

With investor funding secured, Infinnium is actively working on the completion of its first software product, ObscurePI™, which is scheduled for release in the spring. ObscurePI is an IG solution designed to help organizations protect sensitive information and achieve compliance with HIPAA, GDPR and other regulations by identifying and managing access to personal identifiers in both structured and unstructured data. Interested organizations can visit to sign up as ObscurePI early release beta testers.

About Infinnium
Infinnium LLC is redefining the way organizations interact with data to gain actionable intelligence. The company develops software solutions for law firms, corporations and others using modern technologies like AI and machine learning to improve business decision-making and information management including IG, compliance with GDPR, HIPAA and other privacy regulations and electronic discovery. Infinnium’s team of experts brings simplicity to the complex world of digital data, combining the strengths of people and modern technology to help organizations harness their data and empower them to make smarter business decisions and effectively address today’s complex information management needs. For more information visit

Vicki LaBrosse
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