Sakon Helps the Enterprise ‘Show the Love’ to Employees with Launch of New, Radically Simple Mobile Management App

The Sakon Mobility App Puts End Users in Control of Their Enterprise Mobile Experience – from the Convenience of their Own Devices – Driving Satisfaction and Productivity

CONCORD, Mass., Feb. 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Addressing the enterprise’s strategic need to deliver employees an exceptional mobile experience, Sakon, the leading platform for managing enterprise communications services, today introduced the Sakon Mobility App. Installed on employees’ Android and Apple mobile devices, the new application puts the power of mobility management directly into the hands of end users, radically simplifying the experience of enterprise mobility.

Successfully beta tested with thousands of users in Fortune 500 environments, Sakon’s first-to-market mobile management application provides everything employees need to manage their corporate mobile experience with a simple click, swipe, or voice-activated command, including:

  • Simplified Onboarding: Getting users registered to your corporate app is no longer a tedious process. Sakon’s conversational UX keeps employees engaged and makes the process fun and easy.
  • The Anytime/Anywhere Virtual Assistant at your beck and call: Our smart, intelligent and AI/ML powered Virtual Assistant is capable of identifying where you might require help and proactively suggesting the best solutions.
  • Notifications so you won’t miss a beat: A totally non-intrusive automated push-notification engine is working behind the scenes to keep you up to date.
  • All your mobility in one place: Take a quick glance, see services, devices, costs, and applications. All can be done from your personalized Dashboard.
  • Self-service with simplicity: Change Features, Add International Plans, Transfer Out, Disconnect, Number Change. Service Requests are seamlessly integrated within the app so that it’s quick, easy and simple.
  • Help when help is needed: The Help Center is always available whether on-demand or scheduled so a representative is ready when it’s most convenient in your day.

“Traditionally, managing mobility has been a headache for the enterprise and a hassle for the end user,” said Amine Doukkali, Co-Founder, Sakon. “That ends today with the introduction of the Sakon Mobility App. Now the enterprise has a powerful tool to empower its employees with a seamless mobile experience conveniently managed from their own devices, putting end-user satisfaction squarely in the spotlight while reducing strain on internal IT resources and program administrators. And the time is right. Workers today expect, and demand, so much more from their enterprise mobile experience, and companies have struggled to keep up.”

With the Sakon Mobility App, the Fortune 500 and other large corporations can deliver their employees a delightful mobile experience, from simplified onboarding and service requests to supporting BYOD and automated stipend payments, something the enterprise now understands to be essential to attracting and retaining talent as well as gaining a productivity edge in the digital workplace.

The comprehensive services automated and simplified by the Sakon Mobility App leverage Sakon’s decade+ experience successfully orchestrating enterprise mobility services on the Sakon Mobility Platform for the world’s largest mobility management services (MMS) providers and Fortune 500 customers. For more information on the Sakon Mobility App and to request a demo, please see

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Sakon is a platform and services leader that has helped global enterprises organize, understand, and intelligently manage their communications and cloud services since 2003. With headquarters in Concord, Massachusetts and a Global Delivery Center in Pune, India, the Sakon team numbers more than 400 employees worldwide. Sakon serves over 200 enterprise customers, and its technology is used by the world’s top systems integrators and outsourced services providers. For more information, see


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