Barefoot Networks to Showcase Cutting-edge Solutions in Network Visibility and 5G Services for Service Provider Networks at Mobile World Congress

Partnering with Xilinx and Kaloom, Barefoot Networks will demonstrate solutions for P4-programmability and real-time per-packet visibility for multi-access edge computing (MEC), service provider edge devices, network monitoring and more

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Barefoot Networks unveiled today multiple, innovative use cases for 5G and service-provider edge networks through technology partnerships and demonstrations with leading networking solution providers, Xilinx and Kaloom. These use cases will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Feb. 25- 28 and will underscore the benefits of Barefoot’s programmable networking to new solution areas.

The following will be showcased at Mobile World Congress from a variety of booth locations:

Demo Name: P4 Programmable, Multi-Platform, Multi-Vendor, Real-Time Visibility for Service Providers Networks

Description: Open and programmable architectures are key to provide real-time, policy-driven orchestration of physical and virtual network functions that enable service providers to deploy new services and build networks that can adapt to the diverse and high-demanding workloads of the new 5G architecture and services. In this new space, telemetry and visibility are particularly important and must be pervasive in every place of the network and compute infrastructure. In this demonstration, Barefoot Networks showcases how an open architecture like the Smart and Programmable Real-Time In-band Network Telemetry (SPRINT), based on its open specifications, can be deployed on multiple platforms, like Barefoot Tofino-based switches and SmartNICs. It can also be deployed across multiple vendors, such as the Cisco Nexus 34180 platform with Cisco NX-OS, and the Edgecore Wedge-100 bare metal switch with IP Infusion OcNOS™. These diverse platforms can now leverage the same consistent visibility service, thanks to a common P4 implementation of the SPRINT solution. The Barefoot Deep Insight Network monitoring product is leveraged to provide rich and intelligent analytics, and to identify anomalies, bottlenecks, packet drops, and latency spikes, which can cause degraded performance of the applications. The demonstration is complemented by a typical service chain use-case, where a Barefoot Tofino switch running the new Segment Routing IPv6 (SRv6) standard-based protocol is used to insert ad-hoc services to selected flows and applications.

Location: Barefoot Networks - Hall 1, Stand 1A841

Demo Name: Programmable, Real-time, High-performance Per-packet Telemetry and Analytics for Service Providers’ Data-Centers with Xilinx

Description: Network functions in 5G networks focus on providing high performance to mission critical and ultra-low latency applications. Traditional methods of control plane analytics cannot scale to the high performance at high throughput characteristics of these applications. In this demonstration, the Barefoot SPRINT is implemented on the P4-programmable data planes of  Barefoot’s Tofino series of Ethernet switch ASICs and Xilinx’s 100 Gbps Alveo™ U280 Data Center accelerator cards. Barefoot Networks and Xilinx P4 programmable data planes can now feed rich and real-time telemetry data to Barefoot Deep Insight, which performs intelligent analytics and visualization giving 5G network operators the ability to monitor network performance over millions of flows, identify real-time trouble spots, and proactively fix problems in the network before they impact the end-to-end service quality. The P4 Runtime APIs offer flow analysis with the advantages of flexibility and performance, which are critical for service providers and data center operators.

"Telco data center is an important market for intelligent network services where Xilinx solutions deliver unparalleled value,” said Farhad Shafai, vice president of communications marketing at Xilinx. “Our long-standing technology partnership with Barefoot and recent collaboration leveraging the Barefoot Tofino switch, the Barefoot Deep Insight analytics and the Xilinx Alveo card, has added the essential components of end-to-end In-band Network Telemetry and P4 language-enabled inline programmability.”

Barefoot Networks and Xilinx will also discuss the joint demonstration during a Power Hour Session on Thursday, Feb. 28 at 11:30 a.m. located at Hall 8.0 – NEXTech Theatre D.

Location: Xilinx - Hall 6, Stand 6M30

Demo Name: Kaloom’s Cloud Edge Fabric™ (CEF) Solutions Powered by Barefoot Networks’ Tofino, P4 Studio, P4-16 and P4 Insight, Bring Unprecedented Performance to 5G Services for the Cloud Edge

Description: P4-programmable Barefoot Tofino series of Ethernet switch ASICs is leveraged as part of Kaloom’s CEF, a fully programmable, automated, software-based data center fabric capable of running virtual network functions efficiently at scale in both VNFs and CNFs. The newly announced CEF is targeted at the distributed cloud edge, multi-access edge computing (MEC), virtual central office (VCO), central office re-architected as a data center (CORD) for service providers, data-center operators, and enterprises. The Kaloom CEF with the Barefoot Tofino chip runs wire speed GTP and full 5G user plane function (UPF) with ultra-low latency and best-in-class cost and performance. The data plane for Kaloom’s CEF is developed using Barefoot’s P4 Studio, P4-16, and P4 Insight. It runs a standard unmodified Linux operating system (e.g., RHEL Atomic) and is internally containerized for ultimate scale and flexibility. Kaloom’s CEF is integrated with industry application platforms such as Openstack, Kubernetes, and OpenDaylight. This demo builds upon a long, technical partnership between Barefoot Networks and Kaloom, and delivers a powerful and innovative solution rooted in programmability and flexibility to the 5G market.

Location: Kaloom Inc - Hall 7, Stand 7M21

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