IRIS honors top partners that drive business success

Louvain-La-Neuve, BELGIUM

Delray Beach, Florida, Feb. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IRIS, transforming documents to knowledge with OCR software and style-driven scanners, is honoring their top partners in the business. Understanding how important the channel is to success, IRIS has just revealed which partners supported the group the most in 2018.

As the world leader in mobile scanning devices and OCR software, IRIS develops applications and hardware that empower users with increased productivity by easily converting information from papers and documents into editable text. Their business model includes distribution and retail partners to ensure IRIS products easily available to their wide customer base.

Going over the 2018 results, IRIS determined the top partners and is honoring:

2018 Best Distribution PartnerINGRAM MICRO Canada, for supporting and developing IRIS through Canadian retail, and B2B market.

2018  Best Retail PartnerB&H , for supporting and developing IRIS products.

2018 Best Vad PartnerCT Groupe, Canada, for demonstrating success at implementing and promoting technology, management principles, supporting IRISPowerscan.

2018 Best Educational PartnerDocuments Canada, for developing and supporting IRIS product in the special IRISCAN Mouse into educational business through Canada.

IRIS thanks these partners for their impressive support and looks forward to ongoing collaboration with them through 2019.

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About IRIS:
IRIS (Canon Group) is a leader in Information Management and offers a full range of innovative technology solutions, products and services.
For 30 years, the IRIS experts have successfully supported customers around the world and helped them to overcome their main business challenges by using solutions for Digitization and Capture, GED and Knowledge Management and Digital Transformation.
IRIS helps its clients by providing consulting services, research and development expertise and technology.


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