Konecranes XK-A and XK-S enclosed track workstation systems provide productivity and safety improvements

Springfield, Ohio, UNITED STATES

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio, Feb. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Konecranes new line of workstation cranes utilize the latest in ergonomic technology to accommodate a diverse workforce in varied and demanding lifting applications

Global lifting leader Konecranes is introducing a pair of modular enclosed-track workstation systems that offer nearly endless lifting options for loads up to two tons. XK-A is an aluminium system that is smooth, quiet and light. XK-S is the companion steel system, whose additional strength facilitates complex curves, turntables, motorization and transfer options to fit every need. These modular systems can be ceiling mounted or freestanding. Elements of both steel and aluminium profiles can be combined to provide an optimized solution to suit a specific lifting goal.

“Konecranes XK-A and XK-S systems are constructed from modular components,” says Chuck Snook, product sales manager, Konecranes Region Americas. “Customers can start with a simple monorail and as production needs change, they can easily expand, re-configure or relocate these systems.”

XK-A and XK-S systems have an articulated design which requires the least amount of force to operate and does not need sway bracing on hanger drops of less than 15".

“This provides a fantastic operator experience and a very clean-looking installation that involves less material and labor costs,” says Snook. “Also, articulation means less force is applied to the building and column structures, which maximizes the efficiency of the system.”

According to Snook, Konecranes innovative new XK-A and XK-S workstation systems are a smart choice in a wide range of industrial settings.

“Anywhere there is a need to lift and reduce the risk of injury, these component-based systems can improve safety and productivity,” Snook affirmed. “In addition to a sleek, modern look, XK-A and XK-S systems help with high-repetition situations that may cause musculoskeletal injuries, or any other application where industry needs to reduce force on the operator. When used with Konecranes CLX electric chain hoists, ATB AirBalancers and advanced SLX inverter-controlled hoist with smart features, the XK-A and XK-S are the most current, ergonomically friendly and productive workstation systems available in North America.”

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Amulya Raghuveer, Marketing and Communications Manager,
Konecranes Region Americas
amulya.raghuveer@konecranes.com or 937.525.5533.

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