Zagster Launches Micro-Mobility Operations Platform to Drive Profitability for e-Mobility Providers

Zagster Leverages Decade-Long Experience and Community-First Approach to Operate any Provider's e-Scooter, Electric Bike, and Pedal Bikes Shares, Whether Docked or Dockless

BOSTON, Feb. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Zagster announced that it is extending its leadership in micro-mobility with the launch of its operations platform for e-mobility providers across North America. Leveraging its decade-long expertise, Zagster’s platform is set to operate sharing programs for the nation's leading e-mobility providers by offering turnkey market operations solutions that ensure fleet availability, efficiency and safety—all with a community-driven approach. Zagster’s operation is agnostic, offering turnkey solutions for e-scooters, electric bikes, and pedal bikes, whether docked or dockless. Zagster currently operates more than 250 micro-mobility vehicle shares across 35 states.

“The key to the success of micro-mobility programs is anchored in professionally-run operations,” said Zagster CEO Daniel Herscovici. “With the rapid growth and rush to market, what has been most overlooked is operating a safe and reliable solution every day in a way that supports all stakeholders—consumers, communities, and cities. While we have historically provided operations for our own micro-mobility programs, we recognize that the value and benefits can only be realized with a turnkey platform and a mature playbook. We are excited to offer our services to micro-mobility brands looking to leverage our platform to enhance their operations.”

Zagster’s data-driven technology platform leverages a proprietary suite of tools to manage micro-mobility dispatching and field operations. The platform is plugged into rider, vehicle and market data, and uses machine learning to optimize vehicle placement, workforce scheduling and geographic routing, balancing efficiency while maximizing ridership. Our analytics are tuned to detect fraud and identify “at risk” vehicles quickly, reducing vehicle loss. The assets lifespans and ridership together are critical to the overall economics of a vehicle share.

Micro-mobility is reshaping transportation, attracting nearly 500 million users and promising to be a $300 billion market by 2030.  However, according to a recent McKinsey report, Micromobility’s 15,000-Mile Check-Up, in order for the market potential to become a reality, corporate players need to work with cities on their needs, constraints and concerns, including safety, reliable technology, and responsible fleet management.

Herscovici continued, “Our micro-mobility operations platform is a one-stop shop.  We built it to improve the economics for e-mobility providers by optimizing ridership, reducing operating costs, and best-managing fleets—all while making the safety and concerns of each and every stakeholder a priority.”

About Zagster
Since 2007, Zagster has been at the forefront of the micro-mobility revolution. We know that the promise of micro-mobility is anchored in world-class operations.  As such, Zagster offers turnkey operations and support services for any micro-mobility product. We strive to make shared mobility work within communities large and small. We currently operate more than 250 micro-mobility vehicle shares across 35 states. We understand that although the scooters, pedal bikes and e-bikes are swappable, the professional service operations are not.  At Zagster, we help communities and partners build and operate best-in-class solutions. Let us be your ride.  Visit us at and on Twitter @zagster.

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