MindManager 12 for Mac: See, Manage and Share Critical Information in Transformative New Ways

The latest version of MindManager’s powerful software sets the bar for Mac-based information mapping and visualisation, empowering users to reach new levels of productivity and success

Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

OTTAWA, Feb. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The latest version of MindManager® for Mac delivers powerful new ways to take control of information, build out and share strategies and plans, and work more seamlessly than ever before. MindManager’s latest release sets a new standard in mind mapping and information visualisation on the Mac, now offering SmartRules™ that automate processes and workflows; Objects and Smart Shapes that enable the creation of new diagram types; and support for macOS Dark Mode and Touch Bar to enable users to work the way they want in their preferred environment. 

“MindManager 12 for Mac reflects our ongoing commitment to hear and meet Mac users’ needs with tools that help them think, work, and innovate at the highest levels,” says Michael Deutch, Vice President of Products, MindManager. “This version not only delivers on native capabilities, but introduces extensive features that empower users to experience new levels of creativity and insight, uncover the hidden possibilities in their work, and unite teams to streamline effort.”

Powerful new features in MindManager 12 for Mac include:

  • NEW! SmartRules: Transform your maps from simply representing your processes and workflows to driving and accelerating them! Automatically trigger changes, not only in topic look and feel, but in actual topic data by creating rules that add or update icons, tags, properties, progress status, and priority markers.
  • NEW! Objects and Smart Shapes: Build a variety of diagrams that support your unique objectives thanks to 12 new, customisable Objects and Smart Shapes. Combine them to create matrices, venn diagrams, templates, and more, or use Objects and Smart Shapes to group topics to highlight areas of importance.
  • NEW! HTML5 Export and Publish with Filtering: Move projects and conversations forward by seamlessly sharing interactive MindManager diagrams that are easier for people to navigate and understand. Filter exported and published diagrams based on icons, tags, resources, and more.
  • NEW! Dark Mode Support: Enjoy a MindManager experience seamlessly adapted to macOS Mojave Dark Mode. Optimised menus and icons keep the diagram’s content the center of attention.
  • NEW! Touch Bar Support: Work more efficiently and intuitively than ever with new contextual macOS Touch Bar controls. Save time when adding themes, exporting files, and much more; speed up information entry with predictive text; and work faster thanks to context-specific menus that automatically surface the most appropriate options for the most popular MindManager commands. Plus, enjoy a clearer, more user-friendly environment thanks to menu design enhancements.
  • NEW! Theme Designs: Choose from 40+ stunning new visual themes that offer fresh colours, modern fonts, and personality-packed designs. Transform any map’s look, feel, and tone with a single click, and seamlessly switch themes to engage different audiences.
  • NEW! Icon Library: Deliver meaning and inspire action at a glance with 500+ new and enhanced icons that instantly indicate status, feedback, resources, and much more.

Pricing and Availability
MindManager 12 for Mac is available now in English, French, and German. For a limited time, get an individual license at the suggested retail price (SRP) of £178.80 / €213.01 or upgrade for £90.00 / €105.91 SRP. Prices are inclusive of VAT.

MindManager 12 for Mac is also available as part of MindManager Enterprise, available for teams with five licences and more.

About MindManager
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