Prof. Dr. Magnus Söderberg Joins Proof Analytics as Insights & Analytics Chief

NEW YORK and STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Feb. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Renowned economist and data scientist Prof. Dr. Magnus Söderberg has joined Proof Analytics as the company’s Chief Insights and Analytics Officer.

“Business and marketing leaders want answers to three big questions,” said Dr. Söderberg. “The first is ‘how should I optimize my go-to-market spend between sales and marketing?’ For years, the default in many companies has been to spend more on sales and less on marketing, but the analytics are challenging that assumption. The second question is, ‘which marketing categories should I increase, decrease or discontinue? Based on projected ROI, should I spend more money there or here?’ The third question is ‘how are my marketing investments contributing to better revenue, margin and cash flow performance?’ Most business leaders indicate that they struggle to answer these and other critical questions about their go-to-market investments.”

Söderberg added: “Using proven data science, Proof offers marketing, finance, and sales teams instant, on-demand answers to these questions. Proof calculates business impact, value creation, time to value, risk, and multi-factor attribution. I’ve not seen any other product or system that automates these computations as competently and accurately as Proof, all while remaining a platform that seeks to support and augment human intelligence and experience. Proof is one of the most important and relevant analytics platforms available today, and I am excited to be a part of this terrific team.”

Proof CEO Mark Stouse said, “Prof. Dr. Magnus Söderberg is a leading expert and statesman in the European economics and data science community, known for both his precision and his pragmatism. He has a strong desire to enable people who aren’t data scientists to benefit from data and algorithms. The democratization of analytics in the business world is about delivering and scaling power, insight, performance and excellence for all.”

Prof. Dr. Söderberg will lead Proof’s internal data science team and work closely with CTO Tom Bishop and advisors such as Dr. Melissa Kovacs, who teaches economics and data science at Arizona State University. He will report directly to Mark Stouse.

For more information, contact:

Mike Chambers, Proof PR (Eastern US Time)
Mobile +1 603-686-2547

Christopher Engman, Proof CMO/CRO (Central European Time):
+46 73-510-19-74

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