Woz U Education Partnership Establishes First Pathway School District with Salamanca City Central Schools in Western New York


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Woz U Education, a personalized approach to instilling a tech-based mindset in schoolchildren that is the brainchild of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, will open its first Pathway School District in the United States in Western New York, program officials announced today.

With the opening of the first Pathway School District in the Salamanca City Central School District near Buffalo, NY, Woz U Education officials are proud to continue their support for education by implementing the technology-based education program in its K-12 schools.

Woz U Education is committed to providing Career Pathways, an integrated approach to teaching the skills necessary to apply Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics concepts in the workplace, to all students in the district for the next five years.

“Education is paramount to the development of the next generation of leaders and we at Woz U Education want to play our part in helping shape future scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs,” said Karen Young, Woz U Education’s CEO. “Our Career Pathways provide opportunities for every child who has an interest in pursuing a career in technology.”

The program is designed to inspire students to stay motivated, engaged, and learn new things by enhancing the classroom experience and applying concepts in a deeper, more thorough way. The resources are open-ended and adaptable, making them accessible to children of all levels of ability and encouraging a more process-focused and student-centered experience. The program, approved with funding by the Salamanca school board last month, is being launched now.

“It is very exciting that Salamanca is launching as our very first ‘Pathway District,’” said Steve Wozniak. “With other districts in Western New York getting ready to launch, we feel that our vision will be a movement and Woz U Education students will be well prepared to change the world.”

John Livsey, a former top executive with the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills, is helping Woz U Education pioneer the program in the Western New York and Southern Ontario regions. He is in discussions with other K-12 school districts in the area and plans to spread the opportunity across the Northeast.

“This is clearly how the next generation needs and wants to be educated, and the topics are directly relevant to what children will need when they graduate from high school in the 2020s and 2030s,” Livsey said. “It’s a tremendous boost to our region to attract Woz U Education and create a pipeline to universities and tech centers in Western New York, Rochester and Toronto.”

For the next five years, the Salamanca schools’ STEAM centers will be equipped with everything needed for K-12 Career Pathways.

“Steve Wozniak is a global brand. Technologists worldwide place him at the top of the mountain. There is something special happening in technology within the 100-mile radius of downtown Buffalo, including Canada’s technology hub of Waterloo/Toronto. Woz U Education can be the glue that brings it all together,” Livsey said.

The program focuses on instruction in coding, drone piloting, engineering, cybersecurity and mobile development through Woz U Education programs. The second year, animation, data analysis and artificial intelligence will be incorporated into the curriculum.

“Salamanca schools are proud and excited to become the first Woz U Education Career Pathway school district,” said Dr. Mark D. Beehler, assistant superintendent for the Salamanca City School District. “For the past several years, our teachers have been incorporating STEAM-based learning across the K-12 spectrum and developed a solid curriculum.

“But after experiencing the Woz U Education STEAM kits, our educators realized the value in implementing this comprehensive solution.  With a vertical curriculum aligned to NGSS, ISTE, and CSTA standards and an engaging curriculum that incorporates literacy, Woz U Education was a clear and easy choice,” he added.   

“The implementation of the K-12 Woz U Education STEAM curriculum will accelerate the Salamanca School District’s technological expertise and truly support our vision of becoming a STEAM District of Excellence.   Our valued partnership with Woz U Education is an integral component of our vision to establish a fully comprehensive, innovative program with unlimited potential for our students and community,” said Robert Breidenstein, Superintendent.  

For more information about Woz U Education, visit www.wozueducation.com

About Woz U Education
Woz U Education is a personalized approach to instill a tech-based mindset in schoolchildren. The STEAM modules cultivated by Woz U Education are designed to be instrumental in the development of students towards an architecture, engineering or technology-based career. Woz U Education learners dream, design, engineer, test, improve, and create through coding, robotics, drones, 3-D printing, and electronics. Learn more at www.wozueducation.com.

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