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ENCINITAS, CA, March 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today’s fitness market is saturated with workouts and nutrition regimens that promise results, but few are backed by any kind of real expertise in health and fitness. That’s all changed with BURNBEYOND’s new MISSION 6 Total Body Workout. This take-anywhere, do-anytime fitness program offers something few others can: a chance to achieve real results backed by experience, science, and fitness expertise.

“Most of the ‘faces’ behind today’s popular fitness programs are trainers and fitness coaches with a bare minimum of certifications, if any,” explains BURNBEYOND’s CEO and Co-Founder Cameron Flechsenhaar. “When Jonathan Noon and I founded BURNBEYOND, we decided to build our programs based on science and experience. As our top trainer and fitness coach, Jonathan has several relevant fitness certifications and a Master’s in Exercise Physiology from Baylor. Plus, he competes in probably one of the toughest competitions out there in Ironman. He not only knows what gets results, he’s developed all of our programs based on his own proven experience."

MISSION 6 emphasizes bodyweight exercises, which use the body and gravity rather than equipment. Activity ramps up in three phases over a six-week period, with each phase increasing the intensity of workouts from 12, to 15, to 18 minutes. Combined with warmups, a typical MISSION 6 workout takes 20 to 30 minutes a day—and since MISSION 6 can be done practically anywhere there is solid footing and ample space to raise your hands and jump, there is no need for expensive gym memberships.

At the heart of MISSION 6 is the understanding that best results are achieved when participants don’t complete the workout every day. In fact, BURNBEYOND recommends leaving at least one day between MISSION 6 workouts for recovery.

“MISSION 6 emphasizes specific work-to-rest ratios during the routines as well as between workouts,” Noon explains. “This maximizes the body’s heightened metabolic state after exercise so it can burn elevated amounts of calories. Scientifically known as ‘Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption,’ we like to call it the Afterburn Effect™ where, essentially, you’re burning fat by doing nothing.”

MISSION 6 focuses on working the body’s metabolic systems

  • The Phosphagen system, for short, quick movements requiring brute strength and power.
  • The Anaerobic system, for when we use energy quickly (such as running hard for 30 seconds).
  • The Aerobic system, which is responsible for sustained energy throughout the day and during steady-state exercise (such as “cardio” exercise).

Exercising multiple times a day to work all of these systems in isolation is not practical for most, nor time efficient. According to Noon, “The idea is to group specific exercises that impact the entire body at once. This produces more work and is superior at burning fat than if you were to focus on specific muscle groups one-at-a-time.”

The MISSION 6 exercises can also help boost production of testosterone, growth hormone, and other hormones known to aid in fat loss. Over time, building lean muscle and losing fat balances these critical hormones and begins to reverse issues brought about by inactivity and poor eating habits, such as poor moods, lowered sex drives, and decreased muscle mass and bone density.

In addition, MISSION 6 offers nutrition recommendations to improve day-to-day energy, mood, and physique.

“You should plan to do cardio sessions on the days you don’t do MISSION 6 so you keep active and engaged,” Noon recommends, noting that for each week in the program participants should plan to complete three MISSION 6 workouts and fit in two cardio sessions.

The workout videos can be streamed to computers, phones, or tablets; or participants can follow along using the MISSION 6 E-Book, which demonstrates each easy-to-learn exercise.


MISSION 6 is available on a Monthly Basis (which includes all-access to a private users group), as a One-Time Purchase, or as a 14-day Free Trial.

ABOUT BURNBEYOND: Founded in 2014 by Jonathan Noon and Cameron Flechsenhaar, BURNBEYOND is a virtual fitness community that focuses on total body health, fitness, and wellness through the delivery of online workout programs, videos, fitness coaching, and other resources to its members, including the MISSION 6 Total Body Workout Program. At the core of BURNBEYOND’s mission is the belief that people who are in better physical shape experience higher self-esteem, greater confidence, and are emotionally healthier.



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