Protecting Yourself for Spring Home Inspection in BC

Surrey, British Columbia, CANADA

SURREY, British Columbia, March 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Purchasing your home can be one of the most exciting and important investments you ever make. As with all investments, receiving professional advice from properly credentialed people is key to protecting that investment. A home inspection is a non-invasive examination of the condition of the key systems of a residential property, from the basement to the roof.

When you select an inspector for your home and property, choosing the right home inspector can be critical to your financial future. Only an Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC (ASTTBC) Home and Property Inspector is both regulated by ASTTBC and licensed by Consumer Protection BC, which means additional oversight on the work that they perform and a demonstrated commitment to the most professional home inspections in the industry.

Currently in BC, the only requirement is a basic license to be home inspector. However, those who are registrants of ASTTBC, a professional regulatory body, are held accountable for their work through a Code of Ethics, practice reviews, continuing education, proper insurance, and a disciplinary committee. These inspectors voluntarily adhere to a higher level of professionalism. They meet and maintain rigorous industry standards to enhance the protection of the public.

An ASTTBC Home Inspection is a unique opportunity to learn about the home in which you are about to invest. Not to be confused with a real estate appraisal, a home inspection deals with the condition of the home, whereas the appraisal attempts to quantify the value of the home. While focusing on the safety, condition, and comfort of the home, an ASTTBC Inspector also offers the opportunity for a purchaser (or seller) to become more familiar with how the systems of the home work, as well as providing maintenance advice to keep the home in top condition in the future.

Knowing ahead of time what issues may arise after the purchase of your new home will put you in a better position to determine if the property is right for you. To search for an inspector in your area please visit

Established in 1958, the Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of British Columbia is the voice of Technology Professionals in the province. ASTTBC is focused on achieving professional recognition for technologists, technicians and technical specialists. The Association’s mission…to serve the public by regulating and supporting Technology Professionals’ commitment to a safe, healthy and sustainable society and environment.

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ASTTBC Home Inspection Fact Sheet

Top five reasons to do a home inspection:

1)   Alert for potential health/safety issues
2)   Focus on issues requiring immediate action
3)   Heads-up for imminent major system replacement
4)   Results may support renegotiation of the purchase price
5)   Provides opportunity for education on how the systems of the home work as well as maintenance advice to keep the home in top condition in the future

Seller (a pre-listing home inspection):
1)   Heads-up on issues a “purchaser’s inspector” may find
2)   Assists in prioritizing repairs/updates
3)   Allows repairs/updates to be made prior to listing
4)   May lead to a faster close by ensuring all systems are in good order
5)   While they will still need their own report, it may give buyers confidence to proceed to an offer 

Home/Property Owner:
1)   Keep up-to-date records on the condition of the house
2)   Insight on potential issues with proposed renovations
3)   Inventory of issues resulting from a catastrophic event (flood, fire, etc.)
4)   Facilitates maintenance planning and control of future cost
5)   Support for Financial and/or Insurance “institutional” requirements for coverage

Quick facts about BC Applied Science Technology Professionals

  • In BC, technologists and technicians contribute approximately $6 billion to the economy.
  • Applied Science Technology Professionals are present in almost every work environment you encounter. They maintain bridges and cell towers, inspect life-saving fire systems and X-ray machines, and design buildings and wastewater systems. Technologists and Technicians are seldom seen but play a critical role in sustaining the economy and lifestyle for British Columbians.
  • Applied Science Technology professionals work in two-dozen disciplines include: building designers, construction safety officers, fire protection technicians, laboratory technologists, civil engineering technologists, biomedical technicians, and many more.

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