C3Nano Expands Patent Portfolio for Transparent Conductive Inks and Films

Protects Industry-Leading IP as Flexible Display Market Heats Up

Hayward, California, UNITED STATES

HAYWARD, Calif., March 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- C3Nano Inc., the world’s performance leader in silver nanowire-based transparent conductive inks and films used in flexible displays, touchscreens and other products, today announced that it has significantly expanded its patent portfolio, having been issued 13 international patents during 2018 to bring its total issued patents to more than 20, with 45 more pending.  These patents protect C3Nano’s industry-leading NanoGlue™ technology and ActiveGrid™ inks and films.

As the market moves toward flexible and highly interactive displays, silver nanowire-based transparent conductive inks and films are seen as a successor to less flexible materials such as indium tin oxide (ITO). With the proprietary NanoGlue technology, C3Nano is able to deliver the highest performing flexible transparent conductor. C3Nano was the first to develop a chemistry and technology to fuse individual nanowires into a singular nanoscale grid (ActiveGrid), thereby mitigating the junction resistance between nanowires which, prior to C3Nano’s breakthroughs, encumbered the use of silver nanowires as building blocks for Tier 1 consumer electronics.

“ActiveGrid is becoming a preferred technology for transparent conductive inks and films as consumer electronics progress towards truly flexible and highly interactive displays,” said Dr. Ajay Virkar, CTO and co-founder of C3Nano. “C3Nano’s talented technical team spent years developing its NanoGlue fusing technology and has emerged as the first company to deliver the performance needed to meet the most rigid optical specifications; C3Nano will diligently protect and defend its intellectual property against competitors with inferior, or infringing technologies.”

About C3Nano, Inc.

C3Nano is an advanced display materials manufacturer serving a wide range of electronic applications. C3Nano’s conductive inks and films deliver superior performance for large interactive displays, foldable smartphones and tablets, wearables, and other products. Founded in 2010 as a spinout from Stanford University, C3Nano’s investors and partners include GSR Ventures, Nissha Printing Co., Ltd., Phoenix Venture Partners, Hitachi Chemical, Lens Technology, Nagase America, and a top Internet technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley. C3Nano is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California with manufacturing operations in Hayward, CA, and Changzhou, China, and sales and technical support across Asia.

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