Streamlio Introduces Industry’s First Cloud-Native Service for Fast Data

Easy access to cloud-native solution for connecting, processing and storing data in motion moves organizations beyond batch to deploying true data-driven microservices and applications

Palo Alto, California, UNITED STATES

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Streamlio, the intelligent platform for fast data, today announced Streamlio Cloud, its new cloud-native service for fast data. This new offering is powered by Apache Pulsar, the top-level Apache Software Foundation project initially created within Yahoo! by Streamlio founders, and runs within Amazon Web Services (AWS). It allows virtually any organization to benefit from this proven enterprise-grade technology for fast data processing, and the Streamlio team’s deep expertise deploying and operating Pulsar, with a few simple clicks. This news, which follows Streamlio’s recent release of Streamlio Community Edition as a Kubernetes application for the Google Cloud Platform, marks the company’s latest step in making it possible for organizations to create a unified fabric for fast data across cloud, edge and datacenter infrastructure.

“With more and more of their data created, stored and accessed in the cloud, organizations need technology that can intelligently connect sources to services, applications and users,” said Streamlio Co-Founder Karthik Ramasamy. “Streamlio’s new service makes the unique cloud-native architecture, performance and flexibility of Apache Pulsar accessible to any organization in just a few clicks and without operational burdens, helping organizations move away from the plodding batch-oriented world to the world of data-driven applications that operate at the speed of data.”

Adoption of these intelligent, cloud-based applications and services is driving companies to move from batch-driven processing to acting on data immediately as it arrives. At the same time, the shift in application and deployment architectures to microservices, cloud and containers requires technologies that can integrate with and take full advantage of these new paradigms. The Streamlio Cloud service is designed to meet these requirements for companies of all industries and sizes, including in markets such as media and entertainment, energy, logistics, online services and others that need to quickly process and act on fast-moving data as part of a dynamic cloud infrastructure.

Existing fast data solutions weren’t designed with cloud and microservice architectures in mind, making it cumbersome to operate at the speed of data. The Streamlio Cloud service is designed from the ground up to take full advantage of cloud environments--able to scale on the fly without disruption, resilient to protect data and application availability and provide compelling performance that can keep pace with ever-changing demands. The Streamlio solution, powered by Apache Pulsar, delivers the performance, flexibility and elasticity needed for use cases such as dynamic data workflows, data distribution, IoT analytics, customer engagement and more. One of the world’s largest media companies, a global industrial conglomerate, one of the most storied consumer electronics companies and others already use the open source technology that underlies Streamlio’s new service for event-driven, real-time stream processing.

“Finding technology that is both robust enough to never miss a beat and scalable enough to keep pace with the demands of our customers is critical for the success of our customer experience platform,” said Ram Ravichandran, CTO of Narvar. “Apache Pulsar was architected with exactly these requirements in mind. From working with the Streamlio team to incorporate Pulsar into our infrastructure, we’ve seen first-hand their experience and expertise. Streamlio’s new cloud service will make adoption easier than ever, giving companies access to a robust, scalable solution for data-driven messaging and processing that is managed and operated by the experts at Streamlio." 

Organizations can get up and running quickly on the new service with zero-effort deployment: simply sign up and Streamlio handles configuration, deployment and management, allowing organizations to focus on applications and data rather than operations. Using the Streamlio service, organizations benefit from Pulsar’s proven architecture, ideal for cloud-native environments, and the capabilities it makes possible, including: compelling performance, online scalability, multi-tenancy, data protection and resiliency. Further, they benefit from the Streamlio team’s extensive expertise in Apache Pulsar through rapid access to the latest Pulsar features including recently announced features of Apache Pulsar 2.3 such as change data capture (CDC) support, deeper Kubernetes integration, enhanced support for Python applications and new ecosystem connectors.

Streamlio Cloud is currently in trials with select organizations and will be broadly available in the next 60 days. Companies interested in learning more about Streamlio’s new offering should visit the Streamlio Cloud page, or connect with Streamlio at the Strata Conference on March 25-28 by contacting the company, visiting their booth #935 or attending one of the speaking sessions by Streamlio’s Karthik Ramasamy.

About Streamlio
Streamlio delivers the first intelligent platform for fast data, allowing organizations to readily build the data-driven applications they need to react to data as it arrives. Its platform is built on leading open source technologies for messaging, processing, and storage of streaming data that have been proven at scale in companies including Twitter and Yahoo! Founded by industry veterans and funded by Lightspeed Venture Partners, Streamlio helps organizations build the data-driven applications they need to react to data in real-time. Learn more at

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