All Politics is Social: SociallyMined Analyzes Select Presidential Candidate Twitter Mentions

Trump Leads the Social Media Race as Harris, Sanders, Warren Gain Ground

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WASHINGTON D.C., March 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SociallyMined (, a boutique agency leveraging social media data and analytics has been examining social data and trends in advance of the 2020 Presidential election.  SociallyMined has been working with political candidates, on both sides of the aisle, to harness the power of data and analytics. After tracking social mentions for the month of February for several 2020 hopefuls, the firm independently ran data-sets for the period of March 1st through March 7th, 2019 for select Presidential candidate 2020-specific mentions and uncovered some tell-tale signs pertaining to how the field is shaping up.

SociallyMined examined the Twitter mentions and analyzed the follower-base of four Democratic hopefuls for the first week of March, including Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren and compared them to Donald Trump. With the exception of Joe Biden, all 2020 candidates included within the data-set have already declared their intentions to run for President as of March 11, 2019.

With rumors circling regarding former VP Joe Biden’s entry into the race, the undeclared candidate has been trending downward on Twitter. With that said, below are the number of mentions for each democratic candidate during the period of performance:

  • Joe Biden- 1,818
  • Kamala Harris- 9,900
  • Bernie Sanders- 118,991
  • Elizabeth Warren- 2,830

Within the Democratic ranks, Bernie Sanders has built a strong, engaged community, that leads the pack. However, during the same period, Donald Trump had more than double the mentions (244,092) of Bernie Sanders (118,991).

SociallyMined analyzed the 2020 mentions and broke down the sentiment of the total mentions to uncover the level of support each candidate was generating from the online Twitter community; below are the results:

  • Joe Biden- 40% Positive, 27% Negative, 33% Neutral (55% Positive in February)
  • Kamala Harris- 49% Positive, 18% Negative, 33% Neutral (44% Positive in February)
  • Bernie Sanders- 41% Positive, 21% Negative, 38% Neutral (35% Positive in February)
  • Elizabeth Warren- 57% Positive, 13% Negative, 30% Neutral (39% Positive in February)
  • Donald Trump- 64% Positive, 16% Negative, 20% Neutral (67% Positive in February)

The data depicts that Warren (up 18%) Sanders (up 6%), and Harris (up 5%) are trending positively since February, with Biden (down 15%) losing momentum. Trump has remained consistent at 64% positive versus 67% in February. In addition, Biden led all potential candidates with 27% negative, with Sanders (21%), Harris (18%) and Warren (13%) falling in line.

Though she was third in total mentions, considerably lower than Sanders and Harris, Warren compared most favorably to Trump with 57% positive vs. 64% for Trump, and 13% negative vs. 16% for Trump.

“From a data and analytics perspective, we have successfully spotted trends that have provided candidates with information that has allowed them to take advantage of trending topics and microtargeting approaches”, stated Matt Anthes, CEO of SociallyMined. “Our data predicted a strong Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) insurgent primary win in 2018 and our analytics are showing us that even though many 2020 democratic hopefuls have a similar social footprint, they are failing to fully engage their community.”

With the 2020 race underway, the Democratic hopefuls all have encouraging signs of life. Sanders leads in mentions, Harris is gaining momentum, Warren compares favorably to Trump (albeit with a fraction of mentions), and Biden is holding steady considering he has not officially entered the race. However, Trump’s mentions, consistent positive sentiment, and low negativity are proving to be strong foundational data points that make him a strong opponent with a highly engaged community.

About SociallyMined

SociallyMined ( is a boutique data-driven digital agency which leverages data and analytics to understand what people are saying online and employs a creative approach to reaching an audience efficiently and effectively. SociallyMined services incorporate cutting-edge technologies designed for Fortune 500 brands, utilizing big data and analytics to track relevant sentiment and behavior, while providing a strategy to influence the sentiment and direct it towards favorable outcomes. Their analytic solutions are integrated into their other services which focus on advocacy and politics and include influencer marketing, and more, providing a customized strategic campaign for their clients generating high engagement with a relevant audience. In addition, they offer diverse traditional services which include web design, social media campaigns, and video production.

SociallyMined’s political division offers the ability to understand a candidate’s social audience and then create ways to target a specific sub-audience who have relevant interests and followers within desired demographics and/or psychographic profiles. This includes generating content, identifying the potential audience, pushing out the content, and engaging them in creating a community for a candidate that can then be retargeted repeatedly as the campaign grows – all while providing reports to track impact.

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