Digital Check Introduces Pro Elite 75 Check Scanner, New Elite 55 Model

Northbrook, Illinois, UNITED STATES

Northbrook, IL, March 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digital Check now offers the SmartSource Pro Elite 75, a new high-speed check scanner that includes four-line inkjet endorsement capability. The new device, which boasts a rated speed of 75 documents per minute, brings a 36% increase in throughput as well as other general updates over the Pro Elite 55, which it replaces in the SmartSource scanner lineup. The Pro Elite 75 is available effective immediately.

“Digital Check recognizes the demand for full-featured, affordable scanners in the mid-market space, and we want to provide our customers with all possible options,” says Rick Cusimano, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing. “Four-line printing is a capability that is in particularly high demand, as it can be used not only for endorsing checks, but also allows the scanner to print receipts, deposit slips, and other important documents.”


Also making its debut this week is a new variation of the SmartSource Elite 55, which adds a conventional USB model with a single-line inkjet endorser. Previously, the Elite 55 was only available in SE, or Serial Embedded, varieties, in which the scanner has a built-in CPU and memory that runs key parts of the device’s API that handle image capture and compression onboard the machine, rather than on a host PC. The new model offers the same base features in a non-SE version.


The newly introduced scanners retain all the best features of the SmartSource Elite series, including front and back ID card capture, automatic document detection and feeding, E13B and CMC7 MICR reading, optical character recognition (OCR), and selected 1D barcode reading capability.


Both new models are backward-compatible with previous Pro Elite and Elite 55 devices, respectively, and run on the same API versions - meaning no additional software integration is required in most cases.


For more information about the SmartSource Elite 55 or Pro Elite 75 models, please contact your Digital Check representative or visit



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The SmartSource Pro Elite 75 offers scanning up to 75 documents per minute with four-line endorsement capability.

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