Spin and Zagster Partner to Operate Electric Scooter Shares in Select Cities Across the Country

Spin, Recently Acquired by Ford Motor Company, Chooses Zagster’s Micro-Mobility Operations Platform to Accelerate Growth in Cities and Campuses Across the Country

Operating in Austin, TX, Isla Vista, CA, Oklahoma State, and Troy University, with more than  a Dozen additional Markets Launching in the Spring

SAN FRANCISCO, March 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spin, backed by Ford Motor Company, is announcing a partnership to bring Zagster’s micro-mobility operations platform to Spin’s e-scooter product offering.  Zagster’s turnkey solution leverages a decade-long expertise in micro-mobility to ensure fleet availability, operational efficiency, safety measures, and uniform protocols—all with a community-driven approach. Spin plans to bring scooter-share programs to 100 cities and campuses by end of the year.

“A solid operations infrastructure is the key to making a dockless mobility program work smoothly,” said Spin’s Chief Business Officer Ben Bear. “As thousands of people take to the streets daily on shared two-wheeled vehicles, they need to be confident that the vehicles they hop on to have been checked and maintained.  Zagster’s experience in managing dockless bike and scooter share programs across the country made them a natural partner to ensure we’re operating compliant, safe, and logistically sound programs.”

Micro-mobility is reshaping transportation with shared pedal bikes, dockless bikes, e-scooters, and e-bikes attracting nearly 500 million users.  However, according to a recent McKinsey report, “Micromobility’s 15,000-Mile Check-Up, in order for the market potential to become a reality, corporate players need to work with cities on their needs, constraints and concerns, including safety and responsible fleet management.”

“We know that the consumer promise and community benefits of micro-mobility can only be realized with world-class operations and a mature playbook,” said Zagster CEO Daniel Herscovici. “Together with Spin, we are making good on that promise, by delivering safe, reliable, and sustainable professionally operated solutions that work for each and every community.  Ultimately, this is about the economics of the business and we are committed to helping Spin optimize ridership, lower operating costs, and best-manage its fleets.”

“Zagster and Spin share a passion for getting people out of their cars and on to two wheels,” said Timothy Ericson, Zagster’s founder and chief business officer. “Within a few short weeks of partnering with Spin, our proven platform has quickly launched operations in four markets including Austin, TX, Isla Vista, CA, Oklahoma State, and Troy University, with over a dozen more ready for launch in the spring.”

About Zagster
Since 2007, Zagster has been at the forefront of the micro-mobility revolution. We know that the promise of micro-mobility is anchored in world-class operations.  As such, Zagster offers turnkey operations and support services for any micro-mobility product. We strive to make shared mobility work within communities large and small. We currently operate more than 250 micro-mobility vehicle shares across 35 states. We understand that although the scooters, pedal bikes and e-bikes are swappable, the professional service operations are not.  At Zagster, we help communities and partners build and operate best-in-class solutions. Let us be your ride.  Visit us at https://www.zagster.com/  and on Twitter @zagster. 

About Spin

Spin operates electric scooters in cities and campuses nationwide, bringing sustainable last-mile mobility solutions to different communities. Recognized for its consistent cooperation and collaboration with cities, Spin partners closely with transportation planners, community groups, and university administrators to bring dockless mobility options to streets in a responsible and carefully orchestrated manner.

Backed by Ford and based in San Francisco, Spin is a diverse team of engineers, designers, urban planners, policymakers, lawyers, marketers and operators with experience from Y Combinator, Lyft, Uber, local and federal government, academia, and the transportation advocacy world. Spin was known for launching the first stationless mobility program in Seattle, and has since expanded to become the exclusive electric scooter partner in mid-sized cities like Coral Gables, Florida, as well as one of a few permitted scooter operators in large cities like Denver, Detroit, Washington, D.C, and Los Angeles.

Spin Media Contact
Ariella Steinhorn
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Zagster Media Contact:
Audrey Mann Cronin
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