CircusTrix Launches Rebrand, Announces Franchise Offering

  • New DEFY Brand Will Create Nationwide Community for Teens and Young Adults
  • DEFY Franchise Offering Helps Franchisees Be a Part of Industry Expected to Grow to $3.23 Billion by 2023

PROVO, Utah, March 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CircusTrix, the leading developer and operator of indoor active recreation parks worldwide, today announced the launch of DEFY franchise, a new franchise offering. The offering will allow those interested in opening a park to be a part of the rapidly growing indoor recreation industry that is expected to grow to $3.23 billion by 2023.

In conjunction with the franchise announcement, the company will also rebrand its owned and operated extreme recreation parks to DEFY. This change reflects the company’s desire to unify recently acquired parks, including Planet 3, under one brand. Sky Zone will remain a separate brand within the CircusTrix portfolio. By the end of 2019, the company will transition the majority of its owned and operated parks to the DEFY brand and expects to see rapid growth in demand for this new offering.

"CircusTrix has experienced tremendous growth since we opened our first park over eight years ago. We created DEFY franchise because of the many requests we’ve received from franchise partners who are looking for ways to be a part of the momentum,” said Jeff Platt, president of CircusTrix’s franchise group. “We are now extremely excited to launch the DEFY franchise platform and continue to grow the DEFY brand globally."

DEFY Eugene, the company’s first DEFY franchise park, is one of many opening in 2019, including Sparks, Nev.; Tucson, Ariz.; Tacoma, Wash., and other locations nationwide.

“The combination of Sky Zone’s world-leading trampoline park franchising program and CircusTrix’s industry-leading innovation of attractions will make the DEFY franchise offering best in class,” said Case Lawrence, CEO of CircusTrix. “This also positions DEFY for rapid growth in an industry expected to more than double in the next few years.”

The new DEFY brand will offer youth looking for activities outside of traditional sports a thrilling environment that enables them to improve their physical skills and expand their capabilities. DEFY also provides an enticing alternative to video games and electronic devices by creating a way for guests to have positive, real-life experiences that can be shared socially with their friends. Each park will embody this culture as existing CircusTrix and Planet 3 parks rebrand to DEFY, and as new parks open nationwide under the DEFY brand and through the franchise offering.

“As CircusTrix has grown and scaled, we felt it was time for the parks to be united under one strong brand,” said Lawrence. “DEFY represents a unique lifestyle brand that is aimed at capturing teens and young adults in the tricking and Gtramp communities. We have ambitious plans for this brand to cultivate relationships with the world's leading trickers and influencers and unite them as a community.”

About CircusTrix
Founded by award-winning entrepreneur Case Lawrence in 2011, CircusTrix is a leading company in the increasingly relevant “Experiential Consumer Economy.” In 2016, an affiliate of Palladium Equity Partners, LLC invested in CircusTrix. Following that transaction, in 2017, CircusTrix acquired Sky Zone and Rockin’ Jump, two of its largest competitors. It now has a network of more than 300 facilities worldwide, making it the largest developer, operator, and franchisor of trampoline parks in the world. CircusTrix is the parent company of the DEFY, SkyZone, Rockin’ Jump, and Ryze brands and is known as the leading innovator in adrenaline. CircusTrix is constantly creating new facilities and attractions that provide active physical activity, facilitate shareable social media posts, and bring thrill and delight to its worldwide fan base.
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About DEFY
DEFY is a CircusTrix brand of extreme air sports parks in the United States. With more than 45 parks nationwide, DEFY offers youth and young adults an active alternative to video games and other screens vying for their time while enabling them to push limits in a fun, supervised environment with a like-minded group of active individuals. Obstacles and attractions at DEFY parks include Gtramps, air tracks, freestyle courses, stunt falls, and other stunt and trick attractions. DEFY franchise allows franchise partners to benefit from the quality, recognition, and innovation that the DEFY brand represents and offers an opportunity for them to be involved in the future growth of the company.

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