Henrietta Lacks, LLC, .Com and Dr. Keenan Cofield Just Reported and Released Their Updated Listing as the World’s Largest Black Minority Owner of Domain Names on Planet Earth - Henrietta Lacks, LLC Did It

Baltimore, Maryland, UNITED STATES

BALTIMORE, March 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Henrietta Lacks, LLC, and Dr. Keenan Kester Cofield, the Supreme GRAND Bishop, may own your .app or .com domain name.

Henrietta Lacks, LLC and Bishop Cofield of Henrietta Lacks.com owns more than 3000 plus domain names, .apps and .coms between Godaddy and 2 other companies worldwide.

Recently, Google paid 25 Million dollars for the .apps domains registry. Several months ago, .apps was made available for the first time to everyone in the world. Originally, only developers and other domain BIG name insiders like early shareholders for stock had any right to bid as part of the pre-registration process until now, at the direction of Google.

“Henrietta Lacks, LLC just released over 300 plus domains from the master list of our domain name properties to the public for viewing,” said Bishop Cofield. Dr. Cofield states his .coms and .apps are some of the world’s most powerful names, locations, to quotes, to just name to his portfolio listings. Henrietta Lacks, LLC and Supreme GRAND Bishop Dr. Keenan Cofield had his domains portfolio appraised that exceeded millions of dollars, for several domains in his custody.

President Donald Trump, his companies, properties, names, along with his son-in-law's New York businesses have gotten the most calls or emails, to the tune of over 200. Everyone wants a piece of this! Out of respect for the President and his family business, President Trump has first shot to acquire every domain I own in his family business names. Everyone I talked to by phone or email, wants to pay BIG money to keep President Trump's hands off of his many domains I own. “I have two business matters with the President, that 'do not' include money.” ​

​The United States government came in second of hot domains people wanted to buy from me. There is nothing like owning a piece of power, wealth and influence in the United States of America. This is better than any real estate deal!

All companies want to have an application version of their site properties on the internet so customers, clients and others have direct access and use of their smartphones and tablets. When anyone, individual, company to organizations has your .app or even .com, there are many risks associated with someone owning your domain name or names in any combination or variation thereof. Clearly, this is all about business... Henrietta Lacks, LLC total domain name listings exceed over 3000.

CLIK HERE FOR THE EDITED SHORT LIST OF OUR OWNED DOMAIN NAMES- https://medium.com/@supremegrandbishop/henrietta-lacks-llc-com-and-dr-keenan-cofield-domain-name-short-list-for-sale-96b6c98f0259?source=friends_link&sk=500d29d539b74a209e0dc09f809b32bb  

If you are interested also in our cause and wish to give a donation of any amount, CLICK HERE http://gofundme.com/hela-cell-legal-defense-fund to proceed to the GoFundMe page link for the Hela Cell-Legal Defense Fund. Henrietta Lacks.com shall issue an official Press Release launching the Hela Cell-Legal Defense Fund GoFundMe page sometime after this PR. Henrietta Lacks LLC and .com ask that you share these links and our legal defense fund campaign with family, friends and business associates.

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Office of the Supreme GRAND Bishop
Dr. Keenan Cofield, DD/JD/Ph.D./Psy.D
Founder & CEO of Henrietta Lacks. LLC, .com & .app
Hela-Cells.com, and Dr. Oscar Phillips
Baltimore, MD
Email: hela@henriettaLacks.com or