UPDATE Henrietta Lacks, LLC, .Com and Dr. Keenan Cofield SUE U.S. Government Agencies and Add Baltimore Attorneys & the Law Offices of Amanda Zorn, The Law Firm of Maslan, Maslan & Rothwell, P.A. Another Complaint filed when Zorn and Maslan Law Offices and Firm Intentionally Withheld Service of All Documents To US Government, Other Defendants and Plaintiffs

Baltimore, Maryland, UNITED STATES

BALTIMORE, March 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- “Henrietta Lacks, LLC and .com state, The Circuit Court for Baltimore received a Complaint and active notice which includes Sanctions and Striking of Responses and pleadings filed by The Law Offices of Amanda Zorn and The Law Firm of Maslan, Maslan & Rothwell, all of Baltimore County, MD, when counsel and their firms intentionally withheld service of their filings not just with the Court, but with the all parties, in violation Maryland Civil Rules, says Henrietta Lacks LLC and Dr. Keenan Cofield.”

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