Glimpse K12 Launches First Technology Platform Designed to Help School Districts Benchmark Spending and Reduce Expenditures Through Group Buying Power

Part analytics tool, part marketplace, Bundle is natural extension of Glimpse K12’s platform for analyzing school spending in the context of student outcomes

Huntsville, Alabama, UNITED STATES

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., April 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Glimpse K12,  the only education technology company that analyzes school spending in the context of student outcomes, launched today the first solution designed to help schools benchmark spending and reduce costs through group buying power. Called Bundle, it provides schools and school districts with insights on peer-school spending and provides the opportunity to group with other schools and districts for better buying power and lower pricing.

Traditionally, schools’ purchase process for goods and services has been opaque, with wide disparities in pricing for the exact same products and services - vendors often just charge what the school has budgeted. Bundle is designed to help schools ensure they are getting the best pricing from vendors. Users can even set alerts when they have their eye on a certain product or platform, so they know when a group purchase opportunity is available.

Cullman City Schools is one school district evaluating Bundle. “Gaining a better understanding of what our peers are spending will be an enormous help as we negotiate and re-negotiate vendor pricing for the 2019-2020 school year,” said Susan Patterson, Superintendent of Cullman City Schools. “We think this data will help us reduce costs across several key areas, we think by as much as 30 percent. We’re excited to leverage group buying opportunities in the Bundle marketplace – it’s a major step forward.”

Bundle integrates with schools’ financial accounting systems, aggregating the data so that schools across the network can see what their peers have spent per student on different products and services, and even for specific vendors.

“Glimpse K12 has been working closely with school districts for more than a year to help them tie spending to real classroom outcomes,” said Adam Pearson, Co-founder and President of Glimpse K12. “Once a district is able to make that connection, the next natural step is to try to reduce costs while improving outcomes. Bundle helps solve that problem by removing a lot of the mystery around vendor pricing, to help ensure districts aren’t paying more than they should for goods and services.”

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Glimpse K12 is the only education technology company that analyzes school spending in the context of student outcomes.  Through its eROI (Education Return on Investment) platform, Glimpse provides school districts with insight into how well they are aligning resources with students’ needs and how investments made in the classroom are yielding actual student results. School districts across the country are working with Glimpse K12 to create optimized, performance-based budgets based on student achievement and maximize the impact of every dollar spent in the classroom.  Glimpse K12 is funded by some of the most innovative ed tech investors including Y Combinator.  Learn more at

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