United States Credit Czar and FICO Professor Howe Communicates Dangerous Rental Car Concerns to the Office of Chairman Trey Martinez Fischer at the Texas State Capitol

America’s credit captain and identity guardian for babies for girls and for boys asks legislative aide Andres Garza to empower the Chairman of the House Committee on Business & Industry

Massillon, Ohio, UNITED STATES

AUSTIN, Texas, April 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications industry and the leading protector of children victimized by identity fraud, announced today the personal visit by company founder and national child identity guardian David Howe to the Texas State Capitol to empower lawmakers with critical and urgent information concerning the remarkable and unabated liabilities-in-waiting for wholly innocent U.S.A. citizens, including our fellow sisters and brothers who eagerly visit the lovely Lone Star State, of the predatory and often complex criminal fraud schemes of the underregulated car rental industry.

“What a joy – despite the very serious task-at-hand – to return to the beautiful state of Texas and the highly beloved city of Austin,” proclaimed David Howe, SubscriberWise founder and America’s child identity guardian.  “I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to once again return to the magnificent State Capitol and mingle with the wonderful citizens and visitors during my brief visit today.   As always, I must also praise the law enforcement officers and professional staff who were so very helpful and accommodating during my very brief but entirely productive visit.

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“Although I was unable to schedule an appointment with Governor Abbott for this last minute and unplanned visit, this was by no means an unproductive endeavor,” insisted Howe.  “In fact, I believe the decision to seek out Honorable Trey Martinez Fischer, Chairman of the House Committee on Business and Industry, was the most prudent decision for this particularly important consumer-safety lobbying effort.

“As it relates to the talking points, I provided a high-level overview of the Enterprise Holdings’ National Car rental criminal fraud and theft racket that ravaged me personally, like so many of the untold myriads of other victims, to Mr. Garza -- the full account of which is a widely published matter of public record involving sworn witness statements taken under oath of perjury and contained on Florida official documents.

“In addition, I delivered the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) Austin, Texas, Enterprise Rent-A-Car company rating with its extremely adverse and lowest possible rating of ‘F’.

“Yes, the complex fraud and theft racket -- which I prefer to label the car rental ‘theft train and its relentless zeal to steal’ – must now desperately get the attention of prominent lawmakers such as Honorable Fischer as honest and innocent customers have their pockets picked with frequency, ease, and impunity,” continued Howe.  “Moreover, and even more urgently, consumers may encounter very real and very serious physical harms from rentals chock-full of undisclosed, unrepaired, and uninspected vehicle damage – minimized with a seeming and almost brazen disregard for public safety -- that could well result in countless serious physical harms and consequences on our roads and our highways,”

“Simply put, I can’t wait to see the answers and responses from the great state of Texas,” concluded Howe.  “Simply put, I can’t wait to hear and read about the overdue ‘uniform and predicable rental car standards that I’ve been zealously advocating to Credit Czar’s fellow citizens, law enforcement agencies, and USA lawmakers’ that will mitigate the theft machine while reducing the profound dangers to our fellow humanity.”

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