Drillinginfo’s New Curves-as-a-Service: Single Source of the Truth Reducing Risk in Real Time

Curves-as-a-Service taps into Drillinginfo’s Commodity Data Solutions suite comprised of the industry’s most-trusted data sources: Drillinginfo MarketView, DataGenic Enterprise Data Management Solutions, and PRT eForecasts.

Austin, Texas

AUSTIN, TX, April 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Drillinginfo, the leading energy SaaS and data analytics company, today announced the availability of its Curves-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution, a fully managed forward curve building service designed specifically for energy and commodity companies. CaaS automates the collection of input data, includes the user’s business logic, runs the curve calculations, and distributes the curves to the user’s desired target system in real time with a transparent audit trail and detailed quality checks.

CaaS is the newest addition to Drillinginfo’s powerful Commodity Data Solutions suite. It leverages the award-winning MarketView Desktop™ platform and DataGenic CurveBuilder technology to create real-time and end-of-day curves that combine market data and business logic to deliver an unbiased view of an agreed price between the buyers and sellers of a commodity that will be delivered at a future date. 

CaaS curves are created and managed by the Drillinginfo’s global Managed Services team that has 10 years of curve-building experience and produces more than 10 million curves every day. Their expertise provides users with an unbiased view of best practices for their curves.      

Unlike a speculative price forecast based on the past, a forward curve provides actual prices and changes in real time to reflect the latest market activity and client-defined logic. CaaS builds custom curves that solves for illiquidity, seasonality, calendars, and more, allowing traders to identify liquidity in the market. Additional features and capabilities include: 

Real-time, EOD, Intraday: Full flexibility to meet the needs of both traders and risk managers.
One Source of the Truth: Ability for front, middle, and back office to see the same curves in real time. 
Curve Rules Library: Provides rule ranking order and edit/re-use rules, more than 2200 predefined rules that can be seamlessly applied to the curve process.
Rule-based Calendars: Supplies global exchange, vendor holidays and rollover calendars, or users can create their own customized calendars.
Track Changes: Archive rule versions to demonstrate compliance. 
Process Logs: Review logs for every curve to ensure a strong compliance posture. Logs include definition, rule package, version number status, and validations.
Full Transparency: Bootstrap rules or calculations shown for each tenor point.
Test Harness: Test curves before releasing them into production.
Multi-level Curves: Build unlimited levels for curve-on-curve (i.e., parent-child curves).

Curves-as-a-Service breaks down the silos that traditionally separate front-office teams and mid-office teams by enabling them to share a common set of curves with consistent data feeding into decision support systems. Traders gain the visibility they need to mark positions faster and capitalize on the opportunities they otherwise might have missed. Risk managers can identify and analyze all significant exposure across markets regionally and globally ensuring they always keep senior management informed about the exposure. A transparent audit trail with process logs and reports on any curve changes and versions establishes compliance. 

“Providing our customers with real-time curves that tap into our vast databases, plus the ability to store and incorporate proprietary data, strikes a balance between delivering all the information they need and doing so quickly in order to make smart decisions and capitalize on opportunities faster,” said Jeff Chapman, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Commodity Data Solutions, Drillinginfo. “We handle all of the work that goes into building and maintaining curves so our customers can focus their time and energy on making money and providing greater transparency to the entire organization.”

Curves-as-a-Service is available now to current and new MarketView customers. To learn more, visit the Commodity Data Solutions section of the Drillinginfo website: https://info.drillinginfo.com/industry/trading 


This dashboard provides an overview of all the forward curves in the system.  The dashboard allows users to check on the status of each curve and see if it has passed the validation checks assigned to it.  Displayed are 3 WTI calendar month average curves that show how the shape of the forward curve has changed over time.  The table provides insight into how that curve is created and the value for each tenor.  There is also a real-time quote window so the trader can see the live prices of the curve inputs.

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