World Finance Corporate Governance Award 2019 winners revealed

LONDON, April 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gone are the days when board members could put their feet up once they had directed a company to financial success. Today, businesses are under constant pressure by shareholders to achieve more.

Scandals involving data breaches, corporate fraud and misconduct swirled in 2018, proving a strong corporate governance structure is an essential element to any successful business. The 2019 World Finance Corporate Governance Awards identify the companies whose agendas are leading the way.

One perennial area of interest for shareholders is sustainability. At best, climate change will force businesses to contend with unexpected new challenges, but the worst-case scenario presents a dire picture. Investors have begun to realise the importance of environmental awareness; increasingly, they will look unfavourably at companies that are slow to develop concrete policies.

Sustainable growth must be at the forefront of any business’s corporate agenda, but as companies forge ahead they must also demonstrate a healthy corporate culture. In recent years, numerous allegations of misconduct against senior business figures have been uncovered. It is now clear that any incidents must be dealt with quickly and effectively, or else the impact on an organisation’s reputation could be fatal.

One way businesses can reinforce their boards is by employing diverse voices, in terms of gender, ethnicity, age and experience. Including people with different backgrounds, viewpoints and skillsets is a powerful asset in these unpredictable times.

Throughout 2019 and in the years ahead, board members will be expected to contribute to more than a company’s financial success. Transparency and inclusivity will be the standards by which every corporate governance agenda is judged. The 2019 World Finance Corporate Governance Awards celebrate the institutions at the forefront of this new horizon.

To find out which businesses were named the winners, pick up the latest issue of World Finance, available online, on mobile and in print now.

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