Druid and Geoverse join forces to enable full functionality of LTE networks for the Enterprise

WICKLOW, Ireland and BELLEVUE, Wash., April 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Druid Software, Bray, Co Wicklow, the Irish cellular network software company, announced today that it has signed a software supply agreement with Geoverse, Bellevue, Washington, aimed at exploiting the opportunity presented by the availability of new 4G/LTE radio spectrum (CBRS) in the US.

Geoverse, an enterprise mobile network operator, is using Druid’s Raemis software to provide a dual-purpose solution; a Private LTE network for corporate-level applications and additional in-building coverage and capacity for mobile operators, also known as Neutral Host. 

Geoverse is using Druid’s software to place the mobile core network at the edge, referred to as Geoverse Edge EPC, where secure connections are made with enterprise networks giving enterprise full control over their users’ data.  The Edge EPC also reduces latency which is critical to big data functions, robotics, AR/VR, and emerging connected devices.

A key advantage of the Geoverse Private LTE solution is that the same network will serve the customers of the mainstream carriers who occupy or visit the buildings or enterprise.  This neutral host solution cost-effectively provides incremental coverage and capacity. 

Geoverse also uses Druid Raemis software, along with proprietary enhancements, to deliver this dual-purpose Private LTE networks with assured quality of experience for users.  “This quality of user experience is extremely valuable to building owners and enterprises as well as to the carriers.  Druid’s long experience in enterprise networks provides a great foundation for our unique Private LTE solution,” says Roderick Nelson, CEO at Geoverse.

Liam Kenny, CEO of Druid Software, said: “The availability of CBRS spectrum is a game-changer for our cellular network platform and Geoverse is the ideal partner with the capability, knowledge, and profile to make the Private LTE proposition a success. We look forward to serving similar verticals in the US to those we already serve in Europe including, Hospitals, Elderly Care, Manufacturing, Port Automation, Public Office and Energy Providers.”


About Druid Software:
Druid Software is a software development company providing virtualized mobile core network technology and solutions with a specific focus on business users. Druid supply 4G, 3G, and 2G core and access network technology and components to Global System Integrators and Network Equipment Providers enabling them to deliver both stand alone and roaming mobile communications solutions tailored for business needs. Druid is a leading supplier of private cellular solutions globally with deployments in Europe, the US, and Asia. www.druidsoftware.com
For further information contact Tadhg Kenny (tkenny@druidsoftware.com) M: +353 87 684 5146

About Geoverse:
Geoverse LLC, a subsidiary of ATN International, Inc (NASDAQ: ATNI), is a mobile network operator focused on providing in-building cellular solutions for the enterprise. Starting with 4G/LTE - with a clear path to 5G - Geoverse enables building owners, managers, and enterprise to offer dedicated cellular connectivity solutions that deliver secure, reliable 5-bar coverage with high device density and predictable latency within their properties.
Geoverse leverages over 30 years of cellular experience and international carrier relationships to design, operate, and maintain cutting-edge cellular solutions as a service.   For more information, visit www.geoverse.io
For further information contact Carl Gunell (carl.gunell@geoverse.io) M: +1 714 350-3800


Contact: Tadhg Kenny, Druid Software
Phone: +353 87 684 5146
Email: marketing@druidsoftware.com
Contact: Carl Gunell, Geoverse
Phone: +1 714 350-3800
Email: carl.gunell@geoverse.io