Unitrends Announces New Recovery Series MAX – a New Breed of Backup and Recovery Appliances

Powerful appliances deliver supercharged computing power to MSPs and others that need more than what traditional recovery boxes can handle

BOSTON, April 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Unitrends, a Kaseya company and the global leader of all-in-one enterprise backup and continuity solutions delivered, today announced powerful new Unitrends Recovery Series MAX appliances that give IT departments and MSPs an entire data recovery environment.

“Unitrends Recovery MAX represents a new power dimension over and above traditional backup and recovery appliances on the market,” said Joe Noonan, vice president product management and marketing, Unitrends. “Organizations require more power to host failed applications on a local backup appliance, while continuously protecting healthy applications both locally and in the cloud. As a result, we have super-charged this segment of the Recovery Series family.”

The new appliances solve a specific business challenge for organizations that lack local recovery infrastructure. Without that infrastructure, even small outages of a single machine force more complex remote recoveries, which can increase downtime and reduce technician efficiency. Both MSPs and enterprises with distributed remote locations suffer from this challenge. Recovery Series MAX not only provides data protection and recovery software, but comes equipped with supercharged computing power and block agent recovery to enable on-the-box recovery and hosting of failed applications on site. These appliances, sized at 1-8 TB, also deliver Unitrends’ advanced enterprise-level features, such as ransomware protection, proactive analytics and self-healing hardware.

Unitrends Recovery Series MAX is a series of three new high-powered appliances available under two different configurations – three under the Unitrends brand and three under the Unitrends MSP brand. They are specifically designed to handle use cases requiring much more compute power than traditional appliances. Equipped with up to 300 percent more compute capacity, and up to eight times more memory and built-in, dual 10GB networking ports, these newest members of the Unitrends Recovery Series family are equipped to host failed-over applications, run sandboxes for software testing, and provide high performance backup and recovery.

“We need to monitor and manage backup and recovery services for our clients simultaneously and across multiple organizations,” said Ted Clouser, President and CEO of PCA Technology Solutions, Inc. based in Little Rock, AR. "There are times when the appliances are called to support more than one function at a time. Unitrends Recovery MAX appliances tackle all of these challenges at the same time with little latency, all while continuing to perform their standard backup schedules without missing a beat. It’s another step in the right direction for an already phenomenal company and solution.”

Unitrends Recovery MAX family members come standard with features normally reserved for backup and recovery appliances 10 times their size. Every Unitrends Recovery MAX comes with Intel Xeon D-1541 processors, built-in, dual 1GB and 10GB Ethernet ports, 128GB SSD cards, and 32 or 64GB of memory. Storage options include 2, 4 or 8TB of usable capacity. All of the industry-leading Unitrends Recovery Series backup and recovery functionality is included in Recovery MAX, including automatic ransomware detection, WAN optimization technologies such as global adoptive deduplication, encryption and bandwidth throttling, and 24X7 coverage by Unitrends award-winning customer support.

In addition to the 15 original models, Recovery MAX brings the total number of Unitrends Recovery Series hardware appliances to 18. They are available in models from 2 TB to 120 TB, sized to meet a wide range of backup needs. All 18 models include advanced features such as disk density that enables the appliances to store 20 percent more data, predictive analytics to provide performance resiliency, self-healing storage, and the ability to manage over 10,000 devices from a single User Interface. 

All members of the Recovery Series family include pre-integrated software that streamlines data transfer from on-premises to the cloud for archiving and disaster recovery services. To make the move to the cloud even easier, Unitrends now offers up to two years of free cloud storage and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) with the purchase of a five-year contract.

Learn more at https://pages.unitrends.com/Unitrends-MAX.

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