New Acquisitions Announces Internship Opportunities and Recognizes Intern Success

ATLANTA, GA, April 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With summer break drawing near, New Acquisitions - a local marketing firm –is seeking bright young individuals for their next wave of internship opportunities that will begin this May. The company is no stranger to internships. They have had large groups of interns every summer semester over the last several years due to their philosophy of providing valuable training, mentorship and work experience to further their post-graduation success. The New Acquisitions team believes in this model and continues to exemplify it. This year will be no different. They are prepared to offer numerous internship opportunities for qualified applicants this summer.

According to the firm’s website, the New Acquisitions internship program offers cross training in within sales, marketing, brand management, and advertising. This training will allow interns to receive a well rounded experience, enabling them to get a better idea of their post graduation interests and aspirations. New Acquisitions internship program ultimately offers invaluable real-world application to interns’ studies and interests.

Adam Gerald, New Acquisitions, National Director of Operations, believes that this program is a step above others: “We believe our success within our internship program lies largely within our hands on approach. Our interns are treated like everyday employees, which enables them to be fully immersed within the work world and see exactly what that would entail. Interns are treated as valuable members of our team whose opinions matter, they are not asked to complete remedial tasks or run errands. Thus, they get more out of our internship opportunities and are well equipped when going into the work world and that is our overall objective.”

Former New Acquisitions Interns agree with Gerald. In fact, two of his previous interns are now his professional colleagues. Vishal Khana, now Co-Director of Operations at New Acquisitions recalls his experience as an intern, “I thoroughly enjoyed my internship at New Acquisitions. They treated me like a full-time employee and I grew quickly because of it. They prepared me for the real world and gave me clarity as to exactly what I wanted to do post graduation.”

Victor Baruchman, Director of Operations at New Acquisitions North, added, “I truly found my niche when I accepted an internship opportunity with New Acquisitions. I loved the environment and the people right away and realized that the opportunity was perfect for me. I wanted to be able to offer the same thing to others as well. I am elated that I now run my own branch and am thriving doing it. The opportunity that New Acquisitions offers is real and has been exemplified within my life.”

Former Intern, Zachariah Strong also reflected on his internship with New Acquisitions, “It was an amazing opportunity! I can’t imagine finding another opportunity that offered me so much hands-on attention and mentorship. After talking to some of my friends about other internships, I realize I was truly spoiled here with all actual work experience I received. I’m to utilize the skills I’ve learned and apply them!”

According to Human Resources Coordinator, Laura Edwards, interns at New Acquisitions are offered the chance to earn full time positions upon graduation, scholarship opportunities and tools to help them find external jobs in other fields. New Acquisitions is happy to offer interns assistance with enhancing their LinkedIn profiles, reviewing and editing resumes, and taking professional headshot pictures to enhance profiles. Overall, they give their interns the employer perspective in order make sure they are better prepared for the work world. “I absolutely love how hands on our internship opportunities are and know that it leaves our interns prepared and confident, which is something I wish I had and an invaluable experience,” says Edwards.

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