KEM STUDIO introduces aperture, helping individuals focus in an open office

KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KEM STUDIO, a design firm fusing architecture and industrial design, is excited to launch aperture™ – a new office furniture solution designed to help people focus and collaborate better in an open office.

KEM STUDIO started designing aperture five years ago as a response to frustrations with the open office. The design team traveled from coast to coast - to companies large and small, progressive and conservative - to research and understand how people work better together and as individuals. Through that research, KEM STUDIO developed a simple product line that supports each individual user. Highlights of aperture are:

Open + Focused - aperture creates the balance of visual separation from distraction without losing a connection to the immediate environment. This makes it easy to focus at one moment and collaborate in another.

Organic + Intuitive - aperture is an individual-based solution that can be configured organically and intuitively – tailored to the interactions and circumstances of each person and team. It liberates workspace planning to think about work environments more like neighborhoods in a city – each with unique layouts and personalities.

KEM STUDIO believes, modern offices are ecosystems made up of three ingredients – space allocation, productivity and well-being. With aperture, all three were used to create a solution that fosters greater connection, creativity and productivity. The 120° application of aperture gives designers the freedom to create linear or organic layouts. This orientation also helps to manage wireless devices, curate video chats and provide individual privacy when sitting next to a co-worker. The canopy minimizes distractions, making interactions purposeful, and provides a sense of place, while the planter explores biophilia as a screen and helps distribute power and data. The High and Low Pose elements of aperture curate the surrounding space for quick meetings and postural change. All of these things contribute to the overall well-being of the individual user and workplace.

Adobe’s new campus at 100 Hooper in San Francisco showcases the first installation of aperture. Nicholas Ruiz, Adobe global workplace design manager, said, “We want to provide the best experience possible for our employees, to do the best work of their career. That takes exploration, it takes research and partnering with really great people like KEM STUDIO.”

The aperture product line was engineered and manufactured by MASHstudios is now available for sale. To find out more information or to purchase aperture, visit 

KEM STUDIO believes the fusion of architecture and industrial design is a natural extension of their underlying design philosophy – Better Design Better Living™ – making design more approachable, livable and necessary in our lives. KEM STUDIO works with a variety of clients on diverse projects. These include residential, commercial, and cultural architecture with public and private entities and industrial design projects with companies like Airstream, Martin Logan, Shred Ready, Adobe, Landscape Forms, and Herman Miller. The firm has received numerous awards, including the Good Design Award, the Core77 Design Award, the Interior Design Magazine Best of Year, Best of NeoCon, HiP honors, IDEA and AIA awards. KEM STUDIO is based in Kansas City, MO.

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