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Belmont, CA, April 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- B-Stock, the world’s largest business-to-business marketplace for returned, excess, and other liquidation merchandise, today announced the addition of internet and software executive, Marcus Shen, as CFO.

“We are thrilled to have Marcus join B-Stock; he brings an extensive skill set that makes him uniquely qualified to help take our business to the next level,” said Howard Rosenberg, CEO of B-Stock. “Given the growth of e-commerce returns and the cost involved with processing them, more companies, including nine of the top 10 U.S. retailers are turning to B-Stock’s data-driven liquidation solution. I look forward to working with Marcus to further solidify B-Stock as the industry standard when it comes to liquidation.”

Marcus Shen joins B-Stock with over 15 years of experience in the internet and software industries, specializing in SaaS, E-commerce, Operations and Finance. Before joining B-Stock, Shen was CFO and Head of Operations of Content Analytics, an e-commerce analytics company, where he helped scale the company and grow ARR by 400%. Prior to that, he spent over five years at Yahoo!, where he was Vice President of Corporate Development with strategic, financial and operational responsibility for the company's investments, acquisitions, and key partnerships. In his time at Yahoo!, Shen led or worked on deals and integrations across media, commerce, data, and marketing software, including Alibaba, Yahoo! Japan, Flickr, Interclick, Hortonworks, Dialpad, and others.

Shen is also an advisor to KKR & Co, a global investment firm, where he works with the Technology and Media teams on investments and operations.

“It’s an exciting time to join B-Stock. The company’s growth and market opportunity are exceptional,” said Shen. “We’re seeing an incredible shift happening in retail right now when it comes to managing and reselling returned and excess inventory. The winners have become lightning fast and ruthlessly efficient: they're using software, services and data to radically improve the process. Retailers, manufacturers, and distributors of all sizes are developing a standard operating playbook for this new era of recommerce, and for many of the best run companies in the world, B-Stock has become an essential part of that playbook.”

About B-Stock

B-Stock offers the world’s leading auction platform for returned, excess, and other liquidation inventory. Our platform sets up an online auction dynamic where retailers and manufacturers can sell directly to a diverse base of approved business buyers; this drives greater demand, higher pricing and a faster sales cycle, while maintaining the control you need. By applying our auction strategy and data, nine of the top 10 U.S. retailers, along with hundreds of other businesses, are attaining the highest pricing possible for secondary-market merchandise across all categories, conditions, and quantities. To become a part of the world’s largest network of liquidation marketplaces, please visit: bstock.com.


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