MASS Lab and Pöyry awarded in 'Asuntoreformi 2020' architecture competition

Pöyry PLC   Press Release 24 April 2019 7:00 EEST

The proposal located in Meri-Rastila, Helsinki, combines nature and communal living in a new way. The prize giving ceremony was held in Helsinki on 18 April 2019.

The 'Kaupunkiluonto' proposal is a symbiosis of nature, people and the city. 

The proposal, completed in cooperation of MASS Lab and Pöyry, was awarded in the City of Helsinki's 'Asuntoreformi - Asuminen 2019' architecture competition with a purchase worth 10.000 euros. According to the jury, the proposal of Pöyry and MASS Lab ambitiously pursues experiential architecture and high quality. 

"Our proposal combines different housing needs, such as rationality and attractiveness, repetition and variety, and community and individuality. The proposal also represents a fresh perspective to shared spaces. The private and public spaces are mixed, which enables natural encounters with neighbors," says Design Manager Kari Syrjö from Pöyry.

"The combination of the team's different experience and expertise was the foundation of a project that merges nature with urban living, interlacing contemporary lifestyles with Finnish tradition. After this intense and fruitful collaboration we can't wait to continue developing more projects with Poyry," says Diogo de Sousa Rocha from MASS Lab.

MASS Lab and Pöyry representatives at the prize giving ceremony.

Aiming for better quality and more diversified housing design 

'Asuntoreformi Helsinki - Asuminen 2020' competition is an open architecture and idea competition, which aims for improving the quality of housing design, renewing the housing design practices and increasing the diversity of housing options. The goal is to acknowledge the impact of societal changes, different lifestyles and family structures, and new building technologies for housing. In Meri-Rastila, the aim was specifically to develop a suburban, close to nature style of living.  

The competition was organised by the City of Helsinki, in cooperation with Aalto University, the Ministry of the Environment and the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA).  

Further information:

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