SocialChorus Unveils Four New Product Features at FutureComms

Features automate and extend communications across the enterprise and improve employee experience

SAN FRANCISCO and NEW YORK, April 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FutureComms 2019 -- SocialChorus, a global workforce communications platform, announced an array of new product features today at FutureComms 2019. Designed to change the way companies communicate, these new capabilities enable team and frontline managers to create their own content, employees to quickly search for and find information they need, and communicators to access dynamic new content templates along with enhanced, actionable insights.

“Today’s communicators are delivering greater business impact yet are pulled in more directions than ever. They need a way to carry out their communications and content strategies in a scalable, targeted manner,” said Tim Christensen, chief technology officer at SocialChorus. “Our new features not only streamline communicators’ workflows to free them up for more high-level strategic work, but also enable teams outside of communications to create and publish their own content. Communicators need to focus on driving enterprise alignment and supporting broader business initiatives, and our new feature set empowers them to do that.” 

As companies embark on digital transformation initiatives or efforts to modernize the employee experience, internal communications has become a critical part of ensuring the workforce is informed and aligned to meet business objectives. According to Gartner, “Improved employee communications can also be a catalyst for digital transformation, customer relationships, competitiveness and employee-led innovation.”*

However, many communicators and HR teams struggle to scale communications across their companies in the face of resource and staffing constraints, with ratios as low as 1 communicator to 20,000 employees. This reality makes it exceedingly challenging to create, deliver and measure content that is relevant and valuable to all different types of employees, regardless of location, job function and the devices they most often use.

SocialChorus’ new product features address these challenges by streamlining communicators’ workflows and content strategies, while at the same time enabling more personalized, engaging communications. The new features include:

  • Channel Management: Allows team and frontline managers, outside of the internal communications team, to create and post rich content — including videos, images, links, articles and notes — within approval guidelines. Channel Management decentralizes communications while helping communicators scale them up without additional time and resources. For example, a frontline manager at a specific plant could be granted management of the channel for his location, scaling the relevant content for that group without restrictive oversight.
  • Assistant: Gives every worker one easily accessible place to search and find company information they need—from onboarding to other HR-related assets—improving the day-to-day employee experience. Additionally, communicators can use the Smart Campaigns automated publishing feature to send content directly to Assistant. As an example, new employees can receive daily, pre-loaded onboarding information in sequence directly to their desktop or mobile experience.
  • Content Themes: Create immersive experiences for employees with new templates that support many media formats, an image library, and tagging during content creation. Internal communicators can deliver professional-grade multimedia content that could otherwise cost thousands in design fees and require countless hours to produce. As an example, communicators can pre-load brand-approved images to include in every post, choose a template to package it in, and tag and track the results of similar types of content.
  • Enhanced Analytics: Gives communicators actionable insights without the need for a data analyst. Communicators can see, for instance, that employees in Argentina prefer video messages for safety training, or that the optimal time to post content is between 8-9am.

These four features will be showcased today at FutureComms 2019, where 400 communications professionals worldwide have gathered to learn how to align stakeholders and employees to create connected companies. Visit our website for more on how SocialChorus is modernizing workforce communications and read more about this news on our blog here.

*Gartner, Eight Steps for Modernizing Employee Communications in the Digital Workplace, Mike Gotta, Adam Preset, Christie Struckman, 20 November 2018

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