Workshop for Federal Employee Retirement Benefits Scheduled in Tampa for May 18

The seminar is complimentary, but seats are limited.

TAMPA, Fla. , April 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On Saturday, May 18, Government Employee Retirement Benefits Counselors (GERBC) will host their “Understanding Your Federal Retirement Benefits” workshop. This seminar will be held between 10 am and 1 pm at Hillsborough Community College – Ybor City Campus in Tampa, Florida. Although this is a complimentary workshop, space is limited, and those who are interested can register here.

The goal of GERBC’s workshop is to help federal employees get a better understanding of their benefits. Although retirement benefits are a major incentive for working as a federal employee, they are not guaranteed. GERBC’s mission is to make sure federal employees are well-educated on their benefits so that they can optimize them for retirement. The three hour workshop will cover pensions, savings, life insurance, and health insurance.

CSRS/FERS Pensions:

  • The requirements to receive a retirement benefit.
  • How retirement benefit amounts are determined.
  • When and why benefits may be reduced.
  • How to get credit for military service and re-deposits.
  • When the Windfall Elimination Provision affects you.
  • The cost for providing survivors with benefits.

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP):

  • How the Thrift Savings Plan can help you to save.
  • The benefits of dollar cost averaging and tax deferral.
  • Why there is still time to catch-up for retirement.
  • How to choose the right mix of investment options.
  • How to get money out of the plan while still working.
  • About the opportunities with the new Roth TSP feature.

Life Insurance:

  • How the amount of FEGLI coverage is determined.
  • About the optional benefit coverages available.
  • The costs for various coverage options.
  • What happens to life insurance at retirement.
  • What are the choices to continue coverage at retirement.
  • How the cost changes as you get older.

Health Insurance:

  • How Flexible Spending Accounts challenge employees.
  • About the potential of High Deductible Plans and HSAs.
  • The Benefits available under the FEDVIP plan.
  • How health benefits are continued for those leaving service.
  • The fundamentals of Medicare, including when to enroll.
  • The recent expansion of health benefits for children.

Government Employee Retirement Benefits Counselors, LLC is a business based out of Atlanta, Georgia. They have a passion for empowering individuals by giving them the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about their retirement. The federal benefits system is complex and they aim to bring simplicity to the multifaceted federal benefits so that you can retire with clarity and confidence. GERBC is also a verified vendor in the System of Award Management. Their SAM registration is maintained by US Federal Contractor Registration.


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