AMREL Integrates Suprema's Fingerprint Scanner into Biometric Tablets

AMREL's premier biometric tablets, BioSense™ and BIOPTIX™, which integrate with Suprema ID's BM-Slim 2, will be showcased at Connect ID 2019

LOS ANGELES, April 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The trusted provider of rugged biometric tablets, AMREL, announces that it will exhibit its newest integration of Suprema ID's BM-Slim2 fingerprint sensor and optical scanner this month at Connect ID 2019, Suprema ID Booth #411. The world's slimmest FAP20 optical sensor has been successfully integrated into AMREL's 8-inch and 10.1-inch tablet models.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with a suite of lightweight, rugged biometric solutions for mobile identification and authentication,” said Kalvin Chen, Vice President of operations at AMREL. “With the successful integration of the BM-Slim2 into our rugged tablets, this completes the FAP20 optical scanner biometric smartphone and tablet solutions.”

The BM-Slim2, developed by Suprema ID, provides mobile fingerprint authentication with a 500dpi slim optical sensor and state-of-the-art MINEX-certified fingerprint algorithm. With machine learning, the FBI PIV-compliant device quickly identifies fingerprints, detects fake fingerprints, and offers the highest level of authentication.

By integrating Suprema ID's BM-Slim2 into the BIOPTIX 10.1-inch Windows biometric tablet and the BioSense 8-inch Android biometric tablet, AMREL is providing the latest security features in one device for law enforcement professionals, passport control officers, border security personnel, and other field operatives.

“We will continue to identify and add new mobile ID solutions that align with the needs of government agencies and public safety markets,” said Chen. “Moreover, for customers with special requirements, we can help customize a solution from one of our standard computing platforms.”

AMREL helps frontline security personnel keep the world safe by developing useful biometric devices that are lightweight and rugged.  Visit BIOPTIX PX5 and to learn more about the BIOPTIX Windows Biometric Tablet, or visit BioSense AT80B to learn more about the BioSense Android Biometric Tablet.

About American Reliance Inc. (AMREL):

Founded in 1985, American Reliance Inc. (AMREL) is the leading supplier of rugged computing and mobile biometric solutions. Designed and developed for the field, AMREL delivers its products throughout the globe. Learn more by visiting

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