Romet Introduces Intelligent Direct Mount Counter

One-Size Fits All “Click” Electronic Module Increases Utilities’ Operational Efficiency

Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, April 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Romet Limited today announced the introduction of AdEM® CLICK, the next generation of direct mount index. The smart module easily attaches to any type of rotary gas meter to measure gas usage in real time. Utilities can now, more quickly and cost-effectively, monitor natural gas supply and demand to better meet customer needs.

The Mississauga, Ontario provider of natural gas meters and meter-related services brought the patent-pending IoT devices to market earlier this year to provide a simple way to retrofit hundreds of thousands rotary gas meters worldwide, regardless of brand or model year.

“Until now, monitoring gas usage required that utilities stock a large variety of measurement devices—a challenging proposition,” said Brent Collver, P.Eng., Romet’s chief executive officer. “Upgrading meters in the field required that the full assortment of devices was on the truck and that the technician knew how to install each and every one.”

Because Romet’s AdEM® solution is universal it attaches with a single click to rotary meters dating back to the 1950s through the present day saving natural gas providers travel and installation time, as well as cost.

“We’re able to provide the many benefits of smart measurement while reducing the number of truck rolls involved, the need for extensive training and the time it takes to retrofit existing meters,” said CEO Collver.  With Romet’s device, the technician simply snaps in the appropriate sensor to the installed meter and connects the AdEM® with a single click.

“Romet’s new smart index will do for the natural gas industry what digital processing did for photography,” said Roy A. Sutterfield, vice chairman of Romet. “Just as photographers are able to glean more from their photography, Romet’s AdEM® rotary gas measurement device gives natural gas providers access to data, analytics capabilities and insights that help them make smarter business decisions, be more efficient and sustainable, and better manage their systems,” Sutterfield added.

Three Romet AdEM® CLICK models are available, each featuring compact, rugged, service-free, tamperproof and weather-resistant design:

  1. AdEM-S (Standard): The Standard electronic volume measurement device collects data on gas volume measured through a rotary gas meter and transmits it to a utility’s data collection system via radio or modem. The device features alarm notifications if gas loads vary and provides usage history up to 471 days. The product allows utilities to analyze gas usage by date and/or time to ensure utilities are getting the maximum value out of their meter assets by matching the customers actual load to the correct meter size while eliminating error caused by mechanical indexes.
  2. AdEM-T (Temperature): This model has the Standard features described above, in addition to the ability to calculate gas volume factoring in gas temperature.  Two-thirds of utilities worldwide operate in geographic areas with wide-ranging temperatures: When it’s cold, natural gas compresses, when it’s hot it expands.  The AdEM-T measures compression levels, allowing utilities to normalize pricing and maximize revenue.
  3. AdEM-PTZ (Pressure, Temperature, Super-compressibility) This model has the Standard features described above, in addition to the ability to calculate gas volume based on gas temperatures, pressure changes and compressibility.  The AdEM PTZ will allow the utility to account for higher pressure natural gas assets and reduce lost-and-unaccounted for assets. 

“Today’s announcement is a game changer for our company and our customers,” said Sutterfield. “This latest innovation paves the way for significant market expansion and growth.”  Sutterfield anticipates demand in the new construction space, as well as real potential in addressing the needs of the rotary meter installation base.

Representatives from the company will be exhibiting at the American Gas Conference in Nashville this week at booth # 1127 for those interested in discussing the benefits of Romet’s AdEM® Click solution. 

About Romet Limited

Romet is an international market leader in positive displacement rotary gas meters, electronic volume, temperature instrumentation and auxiliary equipment for the natural gas industry.  Founded in 1972, the Toronto-based company markets and sells its products through authorized agents, representatives, and distributors worldwide, and is known for high-quality products, innovative technology and strong commitment to customer service.  Named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies in 2017, 2018 and 2019, Romet has experienced double-digit, year-over-year growth for the past six years. For more information visit

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One-Size Fits All “Click” Electronic Module

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