ClearCaptions® Launches Mobile Captioning Application for iPhone Users

Leading provider of call captioning service announces new app for iOS® platform

ROSEVILLE, Calif., April 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ClearCaptions, a leading provider of innovative telephone captioning services and staunch advocate for individuals who are hard-of-hearing, has released the ClearCaptions Mobile application for iPhone users.

The ClearCaptions Mobile app brings captioning service to Apple iOS® devices through the familiar voice-to-text service available for in-home caption phones. The app delivers accurate, near real-time captions and features an easy-to-adjust caption display and a call log to review captioned calls at a later time. It’s a free service for anyone with difficulty making phone calls due to hearing loss.

“This release of the ClearCaptions Mobile app follows our stated commitment to help individuals with hearing loss, keeping them connected and independent both at home and away,” says CEO Robert Rae. “Our investment in this app is our way of further serving everyone who uses the ClearCaptions service—now it’s optimized to go with them wherever they go.”

“The mobile revolution has helped our customers to stay active and continue enjoying what they love to do,” adds ClearCaptions’ Senior Technical Product Manager, Craig Roth. “We know the importance of mobile devices to our customers, whether they’re using them in times of leisure or in times of need. Wherever they are, whatever they need, we deliver call captioning service to them every time.”

ClearCaptions’ in-home and mobile device captioning service is free to all individuals whose hearing loss inhibits their phone use and is made possible by a federally-funded program. ClearCaptions is certified by the FCC.

ClearCaptions Mobile is available for download in the Apple App Store for iPhone devices model 5S or and higher running iOS 10.0 or later. The app is free to download, and users will sign in or register for a ClearCaptions account.

How ClearCaptions works

ClearCaptions enables the near real-time transcription of a spoken phone conversation into textual display. Through use of the service, a caller’s words are converted by a Caption Specialist then relayed to a specialized phone as text for easy reading and reference. The service is free, made possible by federal funding in conjunction with Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

“For the millions of people who have hearing loss, captioning enables them to enjoy everyday phone conversations that many of us take for granted,” says Corrine Perritano, ClearCaptions’ Chief Operating Officer. “Making and receiving phone calls should be a comfortable experience for everyone, whether they’re at home or away. There’s no need to guess at what is being said or ask to have a caller repeat themselves; that’s what has made many people uneasy about using the phone. With the ClearCaptions service for the home and for mobile devices, we’re able to help folks enjoy using the phone again.” 

About ClearCaptions – WordsMatter™

ClearCaptions is a Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-certified telephone captioning provider that was fully established in 2011. ClearCaptions provides an innovative suite of captioning services through mobile devices and home phones. For more information about ClearCaptions, visit

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