Odaseva Launches Vault for Salesforce Users to Store Archived Regulated Data Long-Term

Enterprises Can Rely on Odaseva Vault to meet the Golden Standard of Durability: 99.999999999%

Suresnes, FRANCE

SAN FRANCISCO, May 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Odaseva, the unified cloud data protection, compliance and operations platform for enterprises running Salesforce as a business-critical application, today announced the availability of its Odaseva Vault application for Salesforce customers. Vault works with the Odaseva platform to help users automatically archive sensitive data that organizations are required to keep for long periods of time in regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare and insurance.

Not only will the information be kept safe from any unauthorized users, but Odaseva ensures a data durability level of 99.999999999% over a given year. For example, if an enterprise stores up to 10,000 archives in the Vault, they can expect on average to incur only a miniscule loss of a single archive once every 10,000,000 years.*

As more privacy regulations demand that organizations provide robust safeguards of their sensitive data, the Odaseva Vault solution provides a way to up-level their data durability while receiving the highest protection standards that the Odaseva platform already provides.  In fact, Vault includes five layers of Advance Encryption Standard, AES256, that enables customer data to be visible only to authorized users.

“Today's international, national and local regulations require enterprises to retain copies of sensitive information for many years, sometimes up to 30 years or more,” says Sovan Bin, CEO and founder of Odaseva.  “As such, Vault will archive data for as long as needed, and at the required levels of integrity, durability and confidentiality. Odaseva built the Vault solution to offer the best in encryption, integrity checks, access rights and logs in one unified solution -- optimized for any organization running Salesforce."

Odaseva Vault will be offered at no cost to users subscribing to the Odaseva Enterprise Data Protection Edition. 

For more information on Odaseva Vault, please contact us at vault@odaseva.com or visit www.odaseva.com.

*Odaseva Vault durability level corresponds to an average annual expected loss of 0.000000001% of objects, according to calculations. 

About Odaseva:

Odaseva offers the only unified cloud data protection, compliance and operations platform built for enterprises using Salesforce. Over 3 million Salesforce users from industry-leading companies such as Schneider Electric, Toyota or General Electric, trust Odaseva as the ultimate solution to securely and rapidly address data governance challenges such as Data Compliance (from GDPR to other data privacy regulations); Data Protection (from backup archive retention to AI-enabled performance monitoring); and Data Operations for Salesforce Centers of Excellence (from sandbox data management to continuous data integration).

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