New Testimonials Reveal AWG’s Tremendous Improvement In Produce Inspection Efficiencies With iTradeFresh, A New Quality Analytics Tool for Fresh Produce

DUBLIN, Calif., May 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- iTradeNetwork–the leading global provider of supply chain software for perishables, and Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG)–the US’s largest cooperative food wholesaler to independently-owned supermarkets, have published new testimonials about AWG’s remarkable improvement in produce inspection efficiencies with iTradeFresh, a new quality analytics tool for fresh produce. Before incorporating iTradeFresh, Associated Wholesale Grocers’ quality inspections (like those of many wholesalers, retailers, and distributors today) were inconsistent across their inspection sites. “Our inspection process prior to iTradeFresh was extremely manual. Everything was written on a piece of paper, and we were using fax machines to no end,” said Tim Graas, the Executive Director of Produce Field Procurement at AWG. With manual, inconsistent inspections and no systematic way to capture its results, AWG had an opaque view of its overall produce quality, slow rejection processes that amplified receiving issues, and no way to objectively justify sourcing decisions. AWG sought to establish a perishables inspection program that ensured inspection consistency across divisions, gave them real-time visibility into the inspection process, captured product quality analytics that could help drive their purchasing and vendor relationships, and ultimately, improved the quality of their produce.

AWG chose iTradeFresh, iTradeNetwork’s quality inspection solution that’s built for perishables. AWG now leverages iTradeFresh inspection data to gain greater insights and visibility into their supply chain operations. Not only has iTradeFresh ensured consistent quality by standardizing and guiding inspection processes, but it has also given AWG the rich analytics it needs to source and procure the highest quality  produce available on the market. “Our members now see the difference in the quality they receive on a day-in and day-out basis,” said Reade Sievert, VP of Corporate Produce at AWG.

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