FusionFoundation chosen by Alprockz to accelerate adoption of its Swiss Franc-backed Stablecoin

New York, May 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fusion Foundation, the non-profit open source organization building the next generation infrastructure for decentralized global finance, today announced that Switzerland-based Alprockz has selected Fusion’s protocol to accelerate adoption of Alprockz’s Swiss franc-backed stablecoin, RKZ, and to facilitate financial system interoperability.

Alprockz is a consortium of information technology developers and investors that have created the ROCKZ blockchain platform and RKZ stablecoin. By virtue of Fusion’s protocol, individuals who transact with RKZ can exchange value for any tokenized asset on and off the Fusion and ROCKZ blockchains, thus bridging the gap between traditional and digital economies. 

A “stablecoin” is a cryptocurrency that is pegged to and/or collateralized by another stable asset, like gold or a fiat currency. Stablecoins can be used globally, but are not tied to a central bank and have low volatility. This allows for practical use like paying for everyday things like food or transportation.

Issued last year, RKZ is the first and only legally enforceable cryptocurrency in the world, providing holders with full ownership over the collateralized assets. The RKZ stablecoin is backed by the Swiss franc (CHF) at a ratio of 1:1, with Alprockz storing 90% of reserve funds in CHF bank notes and another 10% in various Swiss banks to ensure RKZ’s liquidity. Issuing stablecoins backed by Swiss Francs is the first step in the Fusion partnership. In the coming months, the RKZ stablecoins will also be pegged to the Euro, US Dollar (USD), Pound Sterling (GBP), Singapore Dollar (SGD) and Yen (JPY).

AlpRockz is partnering with Fusion to expand the use of ROCKZ. By virtue of Fusion’s groundbreaking Distributed Control Rights Management (DCRM) functionality, individuals transacting with RKZ stablecoins will be able to exchange value for any tokenized asset on and off the Fusion blockchain. Moreover, users will be able to more easily create new financial instruments based on the RKZ stablecoin, including loans and bank deposits or simply use it as a trustworthy payment currency.

“As stablecoins become more mainstream among global banks and central banking authorities, security will remain top of mind,” said Dejun Qian, CEO and Founder of Fusion. “By partnering with Alprockz to extend their secure and fiat-backed stablecoin, we are taking a huge step forward in making the exchange of any type of digitized asset seamless and safe.” 

The addition of RKZ stablecoins to the Fusion network will automatically unleash powerful foreign exchange hubs and enable the creation of derivatives. With $12.3B in assets already pledged to Fusion’s revolutionary network, any blockchain and centralized system can be connected, and thus increase adoption of stablecoins for real-world use.

Customers using the RKZ stablecoin for e-payments and asset management undergo an identification process with the same level of scrutiny Swiss banks require. This strict process enables users to conduct transactions with RKZ and enjoy the security of legal enforceability under Swiss law. Individuals can start using RKZ by opening a ROCKZ account, completing the identification process, and then sending Bitcoin, Ethereum or any Fiat currency to the ROCKZ platform.  The stablecoin would then be issued in the currency specified and can be easily redeemed via bank transfer.

“Our mission is to bridge the gap between traditional and digital economies with the broad use of the RKZ stablecoins,” said Yassine Ben Hamida, Alprockz Founder and CEO. “As the most forward-looking blockchain developer for global finance, Fusion is the perfect technology partner to demonstrate to the world what is possible in this new digitized economy.” 

Alprockz has made additional investments in developing and securing the ROCKZ platform by recently forming cooperation agreements with Swisscom and Wisekey, two companies that are already listed on the Swiss Exchange. In addition, Alprockz is collaborating with three Swiss banks to bring their mission to life.  In H2 2019, ROCKZ registered users will be able to use debit cards in order to leverage and contribute to the mainstream adoption of digital assets.

About Fusion Foundation

Fusion Foundation is a non-profit organization building the next generation infrastructure for decentralized global finance. By providing innovative companies and developers with the open source technology they need to build peer-to-peer time and value-based applications, the world will enjoy financial transactions that are more accessible, efficient and transparent than previously possible. Fusion’s seasoned team of industry veterans led by Founder and CEO DJ Qian, a blockchain pioneer who previously launched two top 20 global blockchain projects (VeChain and QTUM), is working to collaborate with financial institutions, cryptocurrency companies, businesses, peer-to-peer lenders, third-party app developers, academia, and the broader blockchain community. By providing the foundation that enables different cryptocurrency tokens, digital assets, off-chain values, and data-sources to be created and exchanged between the Fusion blockchain, other blockchains and financial systems, Fusion is moving ever closer to a globally accessible system for the free exchange of values. Visit www.fusion.org to learn more about Fusion and its partnership program.

About Alprockz AG

Alprockz AG is the Switzerland-based fintech holding company issuer of the ROCKZ blockchain and the RKZ stablecoin, bringing security and transparency to the cryptocurrency market. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, RKZ is fully backed by one of the strongest and most sustainable fiat currencies in the world, the Swiss Franc. RKZ is the first and only legally enforceable cryptocurrency in the world, providing its holders with full ownership over the collateralized assets.  For more information about Alprockz AG, visit www.alprockz.io.


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