Questions about Measuring the Value of Automotive Events

Rochester, Michigan, UNITED STATES

ROCHESTER, Mich., May 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Experiential marketing is hot!  Younger buyers have returned to the auto market and they attend events. Steve Bruyn, CEO of Foresight Research answers questions asked about experiential research.

Why should marketers do experiential marketing research?
In addition to the obvious benefits of improving event marketing strategies and tactics, research helps to level the playing field when it comes to budget time.  Experiential channels have not had the consistent measures that TV, digital, or print media enjoy.  Over the last decade Foresight added that rigor to auto show measurement, which gave our client teams something to work with at budget time.  That approach has been expanded to experiential events,

What can be done to guide the selection and budgeting of events, ahead of time?
Last year foresight Research interviewed over 5,500 new vehicle buyers who attended almost 12,000 events.  We measured reach and power of 31 different kinds of events and how many buyers attended.  At the core, we measured ROI – how many cars did it sell (incrementally).  Now experiential marketers have a solid tool to propose and design effective events.  For 2019, we are adding 16,000 random respondents (prospects and non-prospects for new vehicles) to do an even deeper drive into the attendance and engagement of experiential events.

What about onsite measurement of events?  Interviewing onsite during the event allows marketers to ask more specific questions about their particular event.  Then we compare to the local resident market to gauge the event “lift”.  Always popular issues such as:  how did my activations perform, what messages got across, what was the lift in consideration, are but a few items explored. 

What questions are included in an experiential survey?
We ask consistent survey questions for automotive clients in every auto show or experiential display so we can provide benchmarks across shows and brands.  These include funnel metrics like brand opinion, consideration, and purchase likelihood; intended shopping activity.  In addition to the universal questions listed above, we work with each of our clients to create custom questions to provide insights about specific brand areas of interest.

So once we have display measures, how do we know if they are good or bad?
Many times marketers don’t know.  For auto shows, Foresight established norms across brands and shows for the basic measures shown above, but we also compare display visitor profiles and intention with local market resident metrics.

What should a marketer look for when they shop for experiential research?
High-quality, actionable, research at accessible costs.  And like with any partnership, a flexible, innovative partner that has your needs in mind.  I am proud that Foresight Research fits all of the criteria!

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