120/Life™ Introduces the “Better Numbers in Two Weeks” Challenge during National High Blood Pressure Education Month

The first natural juice drink created from six natural ingredients, each shown to improve blood pressure numbers

Chicago, Illinois, UNITED STATES

CHICAGO, May 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 120/Life is taking a pivotal step to address the high blood pressure epidemic:  more than 100 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure and approximately 20 percent of adults are unaware of even having high blood pressure.  To address this growing epidemic, famed music producer, father and Chicagoan Ira Antelis created the first-ever natural juice drink made from a blend of beetroot, cranberry, hibiscus, magnesium, pomegranate and tart cherry. These six all-natural ingredients have each been shown to improve blood pressure numbers. And today, 120/Life is inviting new customers to take the 120/Life “Better Numbers in Two Weeks” Challenge.

Antelis, who suffered from severe high blood pressure himself, received strict instructions from his doctor, Dr. Lowell Steen, Cardiologist at Loyola University Chicago, to get his blood pressure numbers back on track. He gave him three weeks. Antelis was determined to do everything possible to address it which led to his creation of the gluten-free 8-ounce natural juice drink.

“After being diagnosed with high blood pressure and potentially facing the severity of the consequences, I made it my mission to seek out a natural and healthful solution,” said 120/Life Founder, Ira Antelis. “I always say to know your numbers and each of these six ingredients individually have been shown to help improve blood pressure numbers. This is a beverage with a purpose, that allows individuals to easily and conveniently consume in the name of their health.”

To help spread the word during this National High Blood Pressure Education Month, 120/Life is offering new customers the opportunity to experience a meaningful improvement in their numbers:  drink 120/Life as part of your morning routine for two weeks, and if your numbers haven’t improved, Antelis and his team feel so strongly about it that they are willing to provide a full refund for the purchase.

Co-created with Susan Schachter, MSRDN Nutritionist, with guidance from Dr. Lowell Steen, the beverage is now available direct on 120Life.com as well as on Amazon.

“High blood pressure can be managed with lifestyle changes like diet and reduced alcohol consumption, or with medication,” says Dr. Lowell Steen.  “But those often come with side effects. When you couple those behaviors with 120/Life each morning, you can limit those side effects while increasing your chances for improved numbers.”

About 120/Life

120/Life™ is the first functional juice created from six natural ingredients, each shown in clinical studies to improve blood pressure numbers. The reason we believe this works is that natural ingredients in 120/Life mirror the medications doctors prescribe, but we have all of them in one juice.  For example, many doctors will prescribe a diuretic as a first medication against high blood pressure.  120/Life contains Hibiscus, which is a diuretic that retains potassium.  Doctors also prescribe an ACE Inhibitor.  The pomegranate in 120/Life is a natural ACE inhibitor. Learn more or purchase now at 120life.com.  Stay in the know via The Circulatory, 120/Life's eNewsletter blog, delivered directly to you via email. Or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. #120Life #KnowYourNumbers

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