The Institute for Next Generation Healthcare Opens Lyme Disease Experience Booth to the Public at Mount Sinai Hospital

New York,

The fully-immersive booth will be available to former and existing Lyme disease patients, caregivers, researchers, and clinicians for three weeks, providing a platform to share their stories during Lyme Disease Awareness month.

NEW YORK, May 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Institute for Next Generation Healthcare (INGH) at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai announced today that it will be showcasing its innovative Lyme disease experience booth at the Annenberg Building of The Mount Sinai Hospital, located at 1468 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10029, from May 13-31.

The booth, which was initially unveiled in October 2018 at INGH’s third-annual LymeMIND Conference, was created to drive awareness of Lyme disease and provide the public and the scientific community with a better understanding of the physical and mental toll of this disease. Designed to feel like a comfortable room within your own home, current and former Lyme patients, their caregivers, family members, researchers, doctors and academics sit for a one-on-one interview with the booth’s interface and share their individual experience.

The high-quality video interviews are provided to the participants so they can share their experience with their own networks and communities. Some of these experiences may then be shared at the fourth-annual LymeMIND Conference on October 19, 2019, to showcase the challenges of living with Lyme. Additionally, all the footage will be used by INGH’s research team to better understand the human experience of Lyme disease and identify effective approaches to support patients. 

“Our goal with the LymeMIND Stories and Experience Booth is to provide a platform where people who have been impacted by Lyme disease can share their unique story and bring awareness to some of the lesser-known aspects of the disease,” said Savi Glowe, Director of Strategy & Operations at the Institute for Next Generation Healthcare. “The symptoms of Lyme disease are often complex and can vary from patient to patient. The research and clinical communities too are faced with many challenges understanding the biology, diagnosis, and treatment of this infection. With this booth and the interviews we collect, we’re aiming to raise awareness for prevention, demystify and destigmatize patient experience, and illuminate the innovations happening in research and clinical care.” 

The Lyme disease experience booth will be installed in the Annenberg Building from Monday, May 13 until Friday, May 31. Visitors who wish to share their experience can stop by anytime between 9am and 5pm.

About the Institute for Next Generation Healthcare
The Institute for Next Generation Healthcare at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is a new model of research, innovation, and market delivery founded in 2016 to expedite and help shape the impending revolution in health care. INGH is committed to building a new model of healthcare innovation and delivery by transforming our definition of “health” and accelerating new discoveries, technologies, and platforms to make the future of medicine a reality today. Positioned at the nexus of rapid advances in diagnostics technologies, digital health tools, and artificial intelligence, INGH aims to better use technology to empower patients, improve care, support physicians, and move away from the traditional model of health care as “sick care.” Our broad, interdisciplinary view of health is grounded in the belief that patient engagement and behavior change are central to the mission of health optimization. Our objective is to intervene upstream from disease, developing predictive, diagnostic, and therapeutic technologies that move us from reactive to proactive medicine.

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