TriPoint Global Equities/BANQ® Announces Digital Security Offering to Raise $100 Million for Timeless Luxury Group AG to Expand Its Luxury Property and Brand Portfolio


NEW YORK, NY, May 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- BANQ®, a leading electronic broker-dealer and division of TriPoint Global Equities, LLC, announced today the launch of a Regulation D, Rule 506(c) Digital Security Offering (DSO) to raise up to USD 100,000,000 for Swiss-based Timeless Luxury Group AG. The raise is planned to fund the development of up to 41 new hideaway properties and a planned resort, as well as expand its range of lifestyle products. 

The offering of the ERC20-based digital security called TMLS Tokens (“TMLS”) will be available directly at  

The Company is offering a maximum of 100,000,000 TMLS Tokens at a price of USD 1.00 per TMLS. The minimum investment amount for an investor is USD 1,000.00. TriPoint Global Equities, LLC, working with its online division BANQ® (, will act as the lead managing placement agent for investors in the Offering. TMLS Tokens are issued in accordance with the Ethereum ERC-20 standard and in the United States, pursuant to the exemption from registration under the Securities Act provided by Regulation D, Rule 506(c).  Timeless is simultaneously conducting an offering of TMLS to international investors using Regulation S. The Reg D 506(c) DSO will be offered and sold to accredited investors only. The Timeless DSO will be the first offering in the United States to use an SEC Registered Transfer Agent for the issuance and custody of digital securities by engaging New York City based VStock Transfer, LLC. 

Timeless has also partnered with the Blockchain advisory firm AmaZix to provide marketing advisory and support. AmaZix is the leading provider of blockchain-related advisory and consulting across the globe, driving transformative change to the business paradigm through tokenization, blockchain technology and crowdfunding.

“The reason we are most excited about this opportunity is that this is the epitome of what a digital security offering is supposed be, the tokenization of an asset, which allows investors to receive profit sharing,” said Mark Elenowitz, CEO of Tripoint Global Equities. “Allowing the masses to participate while using a US licensed Transfer Agent for custody, issuance and most importantly to allow profits to be paid via dollars instead of an alternative currency – this is what the industry has been working towards.”

TMLS offers investors the opportunity to participate in the planned development of the Company, by providing a dividend tied to future profits.  TMLS holders are entitled to receive 40% of the earnings before taxes, depreciation and amortization (“EBTDA”) per annum from the business segments Timeless Hideaways and Timeless Resorts and 10% of revenues of the Timeless Yachts and Timeless Selection divisions, as well as the planned global franchise concept, if and when such profits and revenues are earned. In addition, as a bonus, holders of at least 1,000 TMLS will receive a discount of 20% on bookings of Timeless Hideaways or Timeless Resorts.

The Timeless Hideaways division, the core of the business, comprises the planned development and operation of rental luxury chalets and villas in vacation destinations throughout Europe and the world. The Company’s business plan is based on the success of two existing “Concept Properties,” the luxury chalet “Timeless Hideaway Wilder Kaiser” (since 2015) and the villa “Timeless Hideaway Zell am See” (since 2017) (both are owned by a separate company that is majority owned by the CEO of Timeless). 

Timeless Hideaways’ focus is on large, modern properties with elegant architecture and regional influences. Each of its properties will have four to five separate bedrooms (each with their own bathroom) and a wellness area with amenities such as a panoramic sauna, steam bath and a jacuzzi. These properties will be located in well-known destinations in areas with low population density – creating a truly relaxing environment with views of mountains, lakes, seas and natural monuments.

Both Concept Properties achieved occupancy rates of over seventy percent (70%) in 2018. If the Company raises a minimum of USD 1 million in the DSO, it expects such other entities to transfer the operation and management of the Concept Properties to the Company. Management believes that the demand for high-quality holiday homes has risen significantly in recent years and travel experts and industry associations expect this trend to continue. At the same time, the market is highly fragmented, and management believes that this offers unique growth opportunities for Timeless. 

Timeless will use the funds raised in the DSO to both acquire and develop its own properties based on the success to date of the two existing properties and expand the concept. Management has already identified several sites for potential Hideaway properties and plans to use funds from the DSO to acquire and develop said properties. Management may also use funds to purchase semi-finished properties, provided they fit into the Company’s planned portfolio and meet the Company’s quality requirements. Management also believes that the Hideaway concept can be a successful franchise opportunity and if funds permit, Timeless plans to launch a global franchise concept in the future. In addition to Timeless Hideaways, Management intends to apply their Hideaway concepts to Resort properties via their Timeless Resorts division. 

The Company plans to build its first resort, the "Timeless Chalet Resort Wilder Kaiser" in Austria near the famous city of Kitzbuehel. The Company’s CEO is the majority owner of an affiliated entity that has a contract to purchase a 38,000 sqm plot and a term sheet with one of the largest hotel chains in the world to operate the planned resort. If the Company raises a minimum of USD 1 million in the DSO, it expects that the management and development rights of the property will be transferred to the Company.

Management also plans to extend the Timeless brand to other suitable sectors beyond real estate. As part of this process, if the Company raises a minimum of USD 1 million, it expects that its CEO will transfer the operation and management of Timeless Yachts and Timeless Selection, which are currently operated (as separate divisions) by separate entities that are majority owned by the CEO, to Timeless. Timeless Selection provides high-quality spirits, wines and cigars under one licensing agreement with one supplier for guests of the Concept Properties and for online sales. Timeless Yachts operates a yacht, called the Ocean Club, that was first presented at the international boat show in Düsseldorf in 2017 and is currently chartered out in Mallorca, Spain.  After the anticipated transfer, if Management is successful in developing the Timeless Selection portfolio, they plan to expand their offering to wholesalers and retailers in the future. Profits, if any, from the Hideaways and/or Resort will be used to fund these divisions.

About TriPoint and BANQ®

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