Hanzo Launches New Legal Hold Solution for Slack: Offering Precise Control and a Lean Approach to Slack Data Management

Meet information governance policy requirements and comply with the duty to preserve for Slack

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

New York, NY, May 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hanzo, the company known for its pioneering technology in dynamic web archiving for compliance and ediscovery, today announced Hanzo Hold to bring a lean approach to Slack data management. Hanzo Hold is a module within the Hanzo Dynamic Archive Platform, that augments its archiving support for Slack, the collaboration hub that connects teams to the people, data and tools they use everyday to get work done.

Hanzo Hold empowers organizations to apply a legal hold to enterprise Slack data and to adhere to data retention policies while meeting the duty to preserve data for litigation and compliance use cases.

Organizations around the globe use Slack Enterprise Grid to power team productivity and administer multiple interconnected Slack workspaces across your entire company. The solution adapts to how an enterprise is organized and allows employees tremendous flexibility to interact and work collaboratively on shared apps and files with ease, from a centralized location. Companies subject to a litigation hold, or organizations in highly regulated industries, however, are legally required to meet retention and/or oversight guidelines such as those stipulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

For these highly regulated organizations, automatic and defensible archiving of enterprise Slack content is mandatory. In the case of a litigation hold, corporate legal teams need even more control over the custodial data that is being preserved so that organizations can precisely preserve only the data that is needed and nothing more, limiting enterprise risk.

“We’ve partnered with Slack to extend the power of our integration and to connect Slack Enterprise Grid customers with unique and innovative avenues to address their specific information governance and eDiscovery needs,” said James Murphy, VP of Product, Hanzo. “Hanzo’s legal hold solution for Slack gives legal teams the precise control necessary to preserve data that is subject to legal hold and mitigate the risk of retaining unnecessary data.”

With the integration, Slack Enterprise Grid customers can use Hanzo Hold to control their Slack eDiscovery and respond effortlessly to eDiscovery and audit requests:

  • Map Slack workspaces without copying them to help your team quickly identify the scope of information that is subject to preservation requirements - without multiplying your data risk.
  • Scope and manage the preservation of Slack data by custodian, channel, group or direct message or with an easy-to-use interface that puts you in control of the data associated with your legal hold matters.
  • Empower your governance and legal teams leveraging Slack’s native retention capabilities, knowing that data on hold is preserved in Hanzo Hold, long after its retention schedule.
  • Analyze and assess preserved data with advanced text and metadata search for rapid insight.
  • Review in context Slack media and messages at the channel level for the full picture.
  • Export data directly from Hanzo into the review platform of your choice to easily share with Legal or HR teams.

Hanzo Hold is available for early access through June at an introductory discount or general availability on July 1st. Learn more by visiting https://www.hanzo.co/slack-legal-hold.

About Hanzo

Hanzo is solving the single biggest challenge in legally-defensible compliance and litigation today— contextual investigation, capture, and preservation of dynamic web content.  Through the Hanzo Dynamic Archive platform, we investigate, hold, capture and preserve team messaging data, social media engagement, and interactive web content then replicate it in legally-defensible native format for analysis, review, and production.  Launched in 2009, Hanzo serves government agencies, enterprises, and top law firms across the globe. Learn more at hanzo.co


Hanzo Hold for Slack enables legal teams to manage their legal holds with ease by matter or custodian and gives precise control so they can preserve exactly what they want and defensibly dispose of the rest.

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