University Giving Days on GiveGab Break Fundraising Records

Cornell, North Carolina State, Purdue, and Notre Dame Raised Over $60 Million Through Giving Days on GiveGab This Spring

Ithaca, NY, May 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GiveGab’s online fundraising software offers the number one Giving Day solution in the industry, servicing hundreds of communities, including higher education institutions of all sizes. These 24-hour events are known to ignite engagement and philanthropy, and on GiveGab have a track record of year over year growth.

Among the many universities that hosted a Giving Day with GiveGab this spring were Cornell, North Carolina State, Purdue, and Notre Dame, together raising over $60 million.

In its third year on the GiveGab platform, Cornell University had a record-breaking Giving Day on March 14, 2019, with over 13,800 donors giving $7.8 million through Cornell Giving Day. Cornell leveraged GiveGab’s robust campaign features to allow their colleges, departments, and groups to tell a compelling story and implement micro-level matches and challenges. Cornell also rolled out a new peer-to-peer fundraising champions feature that amplified their donor participation rates.

For the second year in a row, we broke every Cornell Giving Day record. Every single college and unit on campus had more donors than last year. Like in past years, we saw some large gifts come in offline. But this year we were thrilled to see nearly half of the day’s revenue come through our website. Our site saw a 10% increase in conversions, a 17% increase in donors, and a 20% increase in revenue. Our average gift size was up and people giving to more than one area grew 19%. We were thankful to be partnering with GiveGab for our third year, which helped us to achieve this growth!" - Ashley Budd, Director of Digital Marketing, Cornell University.

On March 27, GiveGab powered the first Giving Day for North Carolina State University, NC State Day of Giving, raising over $13.5 million and 10,810 gifts. NC State worked with State of WOW to help devise their strategy and implement it in collaboration with GiveGab.

Purdue's Day of Giving on April 24 this year broke their fundraising record with $41.5 million raised from 21,420 gifts compared to $37.6 million last year. Their Day of Giving continues to be the largest among higher education institutions, with a total of $146.9 million raised over six years.

From April 28-29, Notre Dame Day collected 32,444 gifts and raised over $2.3 million with support pouring in from 119 countries, making for their most successful Giving Day yet. Notre Dame Day leveraged a unique voting feature allowing students, alumni, faculty, and staff to choose the causes they care about most, driving heightened engagement and ultimately directing bonus funds toward causes based on total votes.

The best partner we’ve ever had for a record-setting Notre Dame Day. Thank you GiveGab.” - Lou Nanni, Vice President, University Relations at Notre Dame.

GiveGab introduced their first international Giving Day this year for the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia, USC Giving Day, bringing in $155,320 on May 16, 2019.

Increasing philanthropic support of higher education is crucial to ensuring the long-term health of colleges and universities, and Giving Days are a proven method to re-engage alumni, increase donations, and heighten press for the work happening across campus.

Giving Days are an increasingly efficient and effective way to raise donors and dollars in support of university initiatives. By enhancing visibility to campus needs and encouraging alumni engagement, Giving Days are a significant new donor generator and have the ability to inspire giving at all levels.”  - Christy Deardorff, Director of Higher Education Engagement at GiveGab.

About GiveGab:  GiveGab is the Nonprofit Giving Platform, providing a quick and easy way for fundraising professionals to raise money online. Designed for cause-based organizations, community foundations, higher education institutions, and public media outlets, GiveGab offers a complete suite of products and services that have helped over 35,000 nonprofits raise more than $1.5 billion through everyday giving, campaigns, events, Giving Days, and more.  


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